10 Ways to Acquire Prismatic Shards in Stardew Valley


Image of the Prismatic Shard and Galaxy Sword in Stardew Valley
The Prismatic Shard and Galaxy Sword are other rare items in Stardew Valley

Ah, the Prismatic Shard! The one item in the game that can truly be a game-changer. It’s no wonder why every player’s first Shard feels like an invaluable treasure. Not only can it be used to obtain the Galaxy Sword—a robust mid-game weapon—it can also be upgraded to the Infinite Blade, a weapon that can last you a lifetime. In this issue, we’ll dive deep into all the ways to obtain and use Prismatic Shards.

Obtaining Prismatic Shards

Fishing Method

Once you reach fishing level 6, there is a 0.012% chance of receiving a Shard from fishing chests. The difficulty of this method is high. I’ve only obtained a couple myself through this method.

Shadow Monsters in Mines

Starting from level 80 in the mines, shadow monsters have a 0.05% chance of dropping a Shard. However, these monsters are tough and not recommended for early game players.

Universal Drop After Level 120 in Mines

Once you’ve reached level 120 in the mines, all monsters have a 0.05% chance of dropping a Shard. This is why sometimes you’ll see players getting Shards from low-level bugs or even slime in the Secret Woods. Note that you have to reach level 120 for this method to be enabled.

Reaching level 120 in the mines
To unlock Mr. Qi’s Challenge, you need to reach level 120 in the mines.

Mysterious Stones

These have a 1/4 chance of dropping a Shard. You will encounter them in the Skull Cavern and Quarry after reaching level 100 in the mines. The spawn rate is related to your mining level and luck. The Quarry mysterious stones can be farmed through save-scumming.

Skull Cavern Enemies

Flying Serpents and mummies in the Skull Cavern have a 0.1% chance of dropping a Shard. If you’re in the Skull Cavern, you’ve likely reached level 120 in the mines, so all enemies may drop a Shard. The rates are cumulative, making these enemies more lucrative for Shards.

Iridium Nodes

These have a 4% chance of dropping a Shard. While the rate seems low, the Skull Cavern has many iridium nodes. Blasting around 200 nodes can yield an average of 2–3 Shards.

A player mining iridium ores in Stardew Valley
Mining for iridium ores in the Skull Cavern

Multiplayer Bug

In multiplayer, even if the host is not near the iridium nodes, the system will still consider dropping Shards, making them occasionally appear next to the host.

Skull Cavern Chests

These have a 1% chance to contain a Shard, equivalent to the probability of Auto-Petter.

Prismatic Geode

A 0.4% chance of yielding a Shard. On average, one out of 250 will contain a Shard.

Volcano Summit Chests

These contain a fixed Shard for each player in multiplayer—likely included by the developers for enchanting purposes.

Rainbow Trout Fish Ponds

When fish quantity reaches 9, there’s a 0.09% chance of producing a Shard. It’s a low probability, almost a decade’s worth of effort for one Shard.

100% Game Completion

After achieving this, you’ll get a daily Shard from the Truly Perfect Statue. Though, what’s the use of Shards when you’ve completed the game?

How to Use Prismatic Shards

Galaxy Sword

The first and foremost use for your shard should be to acquire the Galaxy Sword. It’s a powerful mid-game weapon that can be further enhanced and enchanted.

Museum Donations

Consider donating to the museum, as you’ll need to make a contribution at some point to unlock the sewers.

Magic Rock Candy

Trade a shard for a Magic Rock Candy from the desert trader. It significantly enhances your mining efficiency.


Prioritize weapon enchantments before anything else. Other tools can wait.

Walnut Room Quests

Exchange four shards for 40 Qi Gems, making quest completion more straightforward.

Prismatic Clothing

Craft different types of prismatic clothing using the sewing machine. The shards can also be used to dye other clothing items.

Other Uses and Final Words

  • Multiplayer: You can craft a wedding ring.
  • Junimo Hut: Changes the color of the hut.
  • Witch’s Hut: Turn children into doves.
  • Gifts: They are universally accepted but not very effective as gifts due to their low friendship points.

While some may argue that Shards are good for gifts, their value is relatively low compared to other items that could be given when Shards are abundant. They sell for 2000 gold each if you’re in a pinch.

To sum it up, before you have a consistent method to mine Shards, it’s all about luck. After that, it’s all about mass production.

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