7 Ancient Seed Acquisition methods in Stardew Valley

Hello, fellow players! Many of you enjoy planting Ancient Fruits to brew wine, so in this tutorial, we will discuss the methods and probabilities of acquiring Ancient Seeds.

A screenshot of ancient fruit in Stardew Valley
Planting ancient fruit in the greenhouse simplifies harvesting and saves time compared to replanting starfruit.

Ancient Seeds and Seed Donations

First, let’s talk about Ancient Seeds. By donating an Ancient Seed to the Museum, the curator will reward you with an Ancient Fruit Seed and the recipe to craft it. The recipe requires one Ancient Seed to create one Ancient Fruit Seed. Once you have a Deconstructor, you can also turn Ancient Fruit Seeds back into Ancient Seeds, allowing for interchangeability between the two.

Method 1: Fishing Treasure Chests

The probability of obtaining an Ancient Seed from a Fishing Treasure Chest is only 0.4%. Assuming you find seven chests per day, on average, it will take 36 days to fish one out. If you fish for 18 days per save file, half of the save files will not yield an Ancient Seed through fishing. Relying on Fishing Treasure Chests for Ancient Seeds is purely a matter of luck.

Method 2: Traveling Cart Purchases

The Traveling Cart has approximately a 10% chance to sell Ancient Seeds in the first Spring. The probability of purchasing one in the first year is around 40%. Since the items in the cart are determined when creating a save file, these percentages may vary. However, even if you visit the cart every time it appears, it’s still entirely possible not to find any Ancient Seeds for sale within a year. Using this method relies on luck, Map seed manipulation, or external tools.

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Method 3: Digging up Artifact Spots

There’s a 1% chance of obtaining an Ancient Seed by digging up Artifact Spots on Marnie’s and Robin’s farm areas. You will not find any on your farm, in town, at the beach, or in the desert. This method has a low probability of yielding Ancient Seeds, as few worm spots appear per week, and it isn’t more effective than the previous two methods.

Method 4: Seed Makers

Once you have an Ancient Seed, you can use a Seed Maker to multiply them quickly. By processing other crops in the Seed Maker, there is a 0.5% chance of obtaining Ancient Seeds. Although this percentage is small, you can increase your odds with larger quantities of crops. For example, processing 1,000 Blueberries or Cranberries into seeds can yield an average of five Ancient Seeds, making this method quite powerful. However, it comes at the cost of lost opportunity and may affect your first-year income.

Method 5: Monster Drops

Various types of flies, grubs, and bugs have a 0.5% chance of dropping Ancient Seeds. This method is not more efficient than using the Seed Maker during the same period, as harvesting 100 Blueberries is easier than killing 100 bugs. However, you can employ this strategy early in the game. If you’re lucky enough to find two or three Ancient Seeds in the first Spring, you can harvest at least 12 Ancient Fruits in the Fall and convert them into 24 seeds. This method is more efficient than processing Blueberries or Cranberries.

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Method 6: Digging in the Skull Cavern’s Prehistoric Floors

If you still don’t have Ancient Seeds, you can try digging for them on the Prehistoric Floors of the Skull Cavern. The probability of finding them in the grass is relatively high, but there aren’t many Prehistoric Floors, so you can’t force this method.

Method 7: Opening Artifact Troves

Artifact Troves have a 1/27 chance of containing Ancient Seeds. In the mid-game, you can obtain around 30 Artifact Troves by mining 150 Omni Geodes. This method also helps with completing the Museum collection, making it an efficient approach. In the late game, you might find yourself with many unwanted Ancient Seeds when trying to find specific artifacts. Although the probabilities for each method aren’t high, there are multiple ways to obtain Ancient Seeds, and you’ll likely acquire them unexpectedly.

Some players may use mods or certain techniques with map numbers 449 and 114, but we won’t cover those methods here, as they may not be necessary for most players. Ultimately, you have several options to obtain Ancient Seeds, so keep exploring different avenues to increase your chances of success in Stardew Valley.

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