A Deep Dive Into Stardew Valley’s Quarry Mine and Dungeon Floors

Stardew Valley, the beloved farming simulation game, offers a plethora of locations and activities for players to engage in. From farming and fishing to spelunking in mines, the game offers endless possibilities. However, one location that often slips under the radar is the Quarry Mine. This guide aims to shed light on this less-visited locale, situated right beside the regular mines, and its adjoining Dungeon Floors. Read on to find out how to unlock, navigate, and make the most of these enigmatic areas.

Locating the Quarry Mine

Image of Quarry in Stardew Valley
The Quarry in Stardew Valley
Locating Quarry Mine

The Quarry Mine isn’t immediately visible when you first visit the regular mines. To catch a glimpse of it, stand near the Dwarf and look toward the eastern side of the screen. If you can’t see it, don’t fret—it’s not directly accessible from there anyway. To access the Quarry Mine, you’ll need to repair a bridge that connects to it.

Bridge Repair: Community Center vs. Joja Mart

You have two primary methods for repairing this bridge:

  1. Community Center Route: The first bundle you’ll come across in the Community Center is the Crafts Room bundle. Completing this bundle will repair the bridge, but it requires forage items from all four seasons, making it a time-consuming task.
  2. Joja Mart Route: If you’re going the Joja route, you can fix the bridge for 25,000g, which might be quicker for some players.

Once the bridge is repaired, you can proceed to the Quarry, which will also be accessible via the minecarts if you’ve unlocked them.

Features of the Quarry

The Quarry will randomly generate rocks and trees daily, although the frequency is quite slow. Despite its name, many players repurpose the Quarry for other uses like setting up a brewery or a tree farm.

Inside the Quarry Mine

Upon crossing the newly repaired bridge, you’ll find a small entrance leading to the Quarry Mine, marked ominously by a skull sign to indicate danger. Unlike the standard mines, this area has only a single layer. Both rocks and monsters in this zone regenerate daily.

Monsters in Quarry Mine
Monsters in Quarry Mine

Monsters and Drops

  1. Copper Slime and Iron Slime: These slimes drop copper and iron ores with a 43% probability. They can also drop Love Scrolls and diamonds.
  2. Ghost Skulls: These flying monsters have a similar movement pattern to flying serpents but have slightly lower attack power. They drop various useful items, but the odds are generally low.

Rare Drops

Items like Sun Essence, Void Essence, Prehistoric Skulls, Skeletal Hands, and the Dark Sword are among the rare drops from Ghost Skulls. However, the odds are not in your favor with some items having only a 1.3% chance and Magic Rock Candy having a meager 0.13% chance of dropping.

The Reaper Statue and the Golden Scythe

At the end of the Quarry Mine, you will find a statue of the Reaper. Interacting with this statue will grant you the Golden Scythe, a tool with superior range and a 75% hay conversion rate compared to the standard Scythe’s 50%. Surprisingly, the Reaper also offers you an exit teleport, even after you’ve pilfered its prized possession.

Golden Scythe

Dungeon Floors in Regular Mines

After unlocking the Quarry, you will find that an average of 4.224 floors in the standard mines transform into Dungeon Floors. They feature the same monsters as in the Quarry Mine. Drinking Monster Musk can make your Dungeon Floor expeditions more fruitful.

Trivia: Dungeon Floor Codes

According to the game code, Dungeon Floors correspond to the layers 773,777. If anyone manages to reach this floor in the Skull Cavern, they will be teleported back to the Quarry.


The Quarry Mine and Dungeon Floors offer an extra layer of challenge and excitement to your Stardew Valley experience. Whether you’re a seasoned spelunker or a farming enthusiast looking for a change of pace, these locations provide plenty of opportunities for exploration and resource gathering. So grab your pickaxe and venture into the depths—treasure and danger await!

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