A Guide Map Of The Stardew Valley Expanded Maze

In Stardew Valley, the annual Spirit’s Eve festival takes place on Fall 2. One of the attractions at the festival is a maze, which can be tricky to navigate. In order to complete the maze, players must navigate their way through it and find the exit.

The maze is located on the right side of the farm and is made up of bushes and trees. There are gaps in the bushes that can be seen better when they are dark. The chest can be found by following the path to the right of Harvey, Penny, Elliot, and Sam.

Some players have reported that they were unable to get through the maze due to “monsters” blocking the way. However, The “monsters” don’t actually hurt you, and you can get past them if you know this.

If you’re having trouble finding the end of the maze, don’t worry – you’re not alone! If you find the hidden path in the Spirit’s Eve Maze is not working correctly and unable to move forward after reaching a certain point. One possible solution is to backtrack and look for a different path down within the hidden path. It is also worth noting that there are several dead ends within the hidden path, so it is important to explore all options before giving up.

The Spirit’s Eve Chest contains a Golden Pumpkin, and the extra prizes are only available in later years. It is possible to buy the items from the shopkeeper before entering the maze, which may be why some people only find a Golden Pumpkin in the chest.

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A Guide Map Of The Stardew Valley Expanded Maze

A Guide Map Of The Stardew Valley Expanded Maze

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