A Guide to Wallet Items in Stardew Valley for Beginners

Hello, fellow Stardew Valley players! In this tutorial, we will discuss various wallet items to help newcomers understand their uses.

A screenshot of the Skull Key and Rusty Key in Stardew Valley.
Obtaining the Skull Key and Rusty Key is one of the aspects that Grandpa considers in his evaluation.

Magnifying Glass

As mentioned in previous tutorials, you can obtain the Magnifying Glass during winter when you see “Shadow Guy” near the bus stop map. Chase after him and engage in a conversation to receive the item. The Magnifying Glass allows you to find and read Secret Notes.

Dwarvish Translation Guide

Collect all four Dwarf Scrolls and donate them to the Museum to receive the Dwarvish Translation Guide as a reward. With this guide, you’ll be able to understand the Dwarf language and access the Dwarf’s shop.

Skull Key

The Skull Key can be obtained from the chest on level 120 of the mines, and it’s impossible to miss. It allows you to access the Skull Cavern in the desert and play Junimo Kart on the Stardrop Saloon’s arcade machine.

Rusty Key

Donate 60 items to the Museum to receive the Rusty Key from Gunther the next morning. The Rusty Key unlocks the Sewers.

Dark Talisman and Magic Ink

These two items are purely quest-related and have no particular uses. They have been discussed in detail in previous tutorials on magical buildings.

Club Card

The Club Card is required to access the Casino. You can obtain it by completing a quest that doesn’t require Secret Notes. You will need a Battery Pack, Rainbow Shell, ten Beets, and a Solar Essence.

Special Charm

After reading Secret Note 20, go to the truck near Joja Mart to exchange a rabbit’s foot for the Special Charm. This item increases your daily luck by 0.025, which is different from the luck provided by the television and the Lucky Ring.

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Bear’s Knowledge

Upon reading Secret Note 23, bring a bottle of Maple Syrup to the Secret Woods. After triggering a cutscene, you’ll receive Bear’s Knowledge, which triples the selling price of Salmonberries and Blackberries. This has no effect on the price of wine and is not very useful.

Spring Onion Mastery

Increase the affection of both children to eight hearts or above, and a cutscene will be triggered at Marnie’s Ranch. This mastery increases the selling price of Spring Onions by five times, but it’s not very useful either.

Town Key

Purchase the Town Key from Mr. Qi’s Walnut Room on Ginger Island for 20 Qi Gems. This item is considered the most valuable and allows you to enter any building in the town at any time. However, it does not work during festivals, and you still can’t enter buildings that require a two-heart relationship. Its effectiveness is somewhat limited.

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