Amethyst Stardew Levels: Best Mine Floors to Find the Purple Gem

In the pixel-perfect world of Stardew Valley, resources are plentiful, but some are more elusive than others. One such resource is Amethyst—a beautiful, purple mineral with several uses. Whether you’re trying to woo Abigail, upgrade your weapons, or complete a bundle, amethyst is a must-have. This guide will walk you through the most efficient ways to find and utilize amethyst in the game.

Finding Amethyst in the Mines

Amethyst in the crate

Your primary source for amethyst is likely to be the Mines. Although you can find amethyst on any level, the most favorable range is between levels 10 and 40. Here’s a step-by-step guide to maximize your haul:

  1. Start at Level 1: Break open barrels and crates, and eliminate green slimes. These creatures often drop amethysts.
  2. Progress to Next Levels: Once you’ve cleared a level, take the ladder down and repeat the process.
  3. Target Specific Levels: If you’re solely after amethysts, focusing on early levels (up to 20) can be more fruitful.

Note: As you ascend the mine levels, the chance to find other minerals increases, thereby slightly reducing the odds of encountering amethyst.

Getting Amethyst from Green Slimes

Green Slime drops

Green Slimes are not only abundant but also a good source of amethyst. Follow these steps:

  1. Enter the Mines: Levels 1 to 29 are prime for this method.
  2. Combat: Equip your best weapon and engage the slimes.
  3. Loot: After defeating the slimes, pick up any dropped amethysts.
  4. Move to Next Level: Continue this process as you descend the Mines.

Note: The level range 20–30 offers an added advantage—while you’re hunting slimes for amethysts, you’ll also gather copper.

Locating Amethyst Nodes

Amethyst Node

Amethyst Nodes and Gem Nodes are your best bet for a consistent supply. These nodes are identifiable by their unique purple appearance.

  1. Explore the Mines: As with slimes, levels 1 to 39 are your best bet.
  2. Use a Pickaxe: To extract the amethyst, use a pickaxe on these nodes.
  3. Resourceful Mining: Amethyst nodes often appear near other resource-rich areas, making these levels worth your time.
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Alternative Sources of Amethyst

  1. Fishing Treasure Chests: Rare but rewarding, these chests can sometimes contain amethysts.
  2. Garbage Cans: Sift through these for a chance at finding this purple gem.
  3. Dwarvish Sentries: In the Volcano Dungeon, these enemies have a 10% chance to drop amethyst.
  4. Fish Ponds: A Super Cucumber Fish Pond with a population of 9 may yield 1–3 amethysts.
  5. Villagers and Quests: Occasionally, amethyst can be a reward for quests or gifts from villagers like Gus.

Bonus Tip: If you have a Crystalarium, you can duplicate amethysts.

Fish Pond

Utilizing Amethyst

  1. Weapon Upgrades: At the Forge, use amethyst to increase the knockback on melee weapons.
  2. Crafting: Combine it with Cloth at the Sewing Machine to create a shirt.
  3. Dyeing: Use it as a purple dye for dyeable items.
  4. Gift: It’s one of the favored gifts for Abigail.
  5. Treasure Hunter’s Bundle: It can be used to complete this Boiler Room bundle.



Amethyst is a versatile and sought-after resource in Stardew Valley. By understanding its locations, sources, and uses, you can make your life in Pelican Town a bit more vibrant and rewarding. Happy farming!

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