Brick Floor Stardew Guide: Elevate Your Farm with Style and Speed

Ever wondered how to add a touch of elegance and a dash of speed to your Stardew Valley farm? Well, look no further than brick flooring! Often admired for its aesthetic allure and practical benefits, brick flooring has become a favorite among Stardew Valley farmers. Whether you’re a seasoned farmer or just starting your first year, this guide will cover everything you need to know about brick flooring. Let’s dig in!

Why Brick Flooring? Aesthetics & Practicality

Stardew Valley offers a plethora of flooring and path options, each with its own unique visual appeal and benefits. While straw and weathered floors can evoke a rustic vibe, and crystal paths give off a magical aura that changes with the seasons, brick flooring is beloved for its classic, timeless beauty. One user even mentioned how the effort to collect clay to craft it was totally worth it.


The solid brick path comes in a subtle grey hue, offering a neutral base that complements various farm designs. There’s also a cobblestone-type brick that features a color palette of chartreuse, grey-brown, and orange. Beyond aesthetics, the brick floor gives a speed boost and prevents grass and trees from invading your carefully planned spaces.

Crafting Brick Flooring: Where to Start

Ready to craft your brick floors? First, you’ll need to gather clay. One proven method to amass a heap of clay is by tilling the beach during winter. Not only will this yield a decent amount of clay, but it can also be sold for a good price if you have a surplus.

dig clays
dig clays
Brick Floor Recipe
Brick Floor Recipe

Once you have the clay in hand, head over to the Carpenter’s Shop and purchase the brick floor recipe for 500g. Crafting a brick floor is easy and provides an excellent opportunity to enhance your farm both aesthetically and practically.

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craft brick floor

Nifty Tricks to Get Your Hands on Brick Flooring

In addition to crafting, there’s a rather unconventional method to acquire brick flooring. Name an animal—say, a chicken—after a specific code. Then, simply talk to certain villagers, and voila, you receive a brick floor item. It’s a neat trick for those looking to shortcut the crafting process.

Combining Types for Creative Mastery

Brick floors can easily be mixed and matched with other paths like stone, cobblestone, or even the season-changing crystal paths for a more complex and engaging look. It seems the design possibilities are virtually limitless. Users have showcased their farms, combining brick with other types, such as cobblestone and stepping stones, for a more relaxed and weathered appearance.

by Alert The Audience
by Alert The Audience
by madaso12
by madaso12

The Current State of Brick Flooring: Bugs and More

It should be noted that some players have reported the brick path mysteriously transforming into wooden paths overnight, potentially due to a bug. Also, the recipe for the red brick path can be acquired from Robin, but exercise caution as this too may be bugged.


Can animals like pigs still find truffles over a brick path?

Yes, the paths are more of an aesthetic choice and do not hinder animals from carrying out their regular activities like finding truffles.

What are the other flooring options for the first year?

For your first year, you might want to consider straw or weathered flooring for a less resource-intensive option. But honestly, who could resist the urge to spend a week just placing brick paths everywhere?

Rainbow Brick Floor Mod

If you’re someone who loves adding a touch of color and vibrancy to your virtual spaces, then Rainbow Brick Floor Mod is perfect for you. With this mod, the traditional brick floor has been reworked to create a more even and eye-catching design, now featuring a delightful rainbow pattern.

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Whether you’re in your first year or looking to redesign your farm, brick flooring offers a stylish and functional solution. So go ahead, till that beach, talk to those villagers, and turn your farm into a brick-layered paradise.

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