Bridging the Gap: How to Repair the Bridge in Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley is a tranquil, open-ended farming game that lets you escape into a rural fantasy world. However, even a simple task like repairing a bridge can turn into a challenge due to community confusion and in-game intricacies. So, whether you’re a seasoned farmer or a newcomer, we’re here to make your bridge repair quest easier!

A Bridge of Many Faces

When it comes to bridge repair, many Stardew Valley players often talk about different bridges. Most commonly, two bridges are discussed: one in the forest zone, and another that gives access to the quarry near the mines.

The bridge in the forest zone

  1. The bridge in the forest zone: This is a unique bridge only accessible during the Flower Dance Festival in spring. If you’re looking for a permanent path to new adventures, this is not the bridge you’re seeking.
  2. The bridge that leads to the quarry: Unlike the Flower Dance bridge, this bridge can be permanently repaired, giving you access to valuable resources in the quarry and unlocking a new minecart destination.

The bridge that leads to the quarry

Necessity of Repairing the Bridge

Repairing the bridge is not just an aesthetic upgrade; it’s a vital gameplay element. Once the bridge is repaired:

  • A new destination becomes accessible via the minecart.
  • You get to access the resource-rich quarry.
  • You can participate in more quests and activities.

The Confusion Cleared: Repair Requirements

The community has been divided on the exact requirements for repairing the bridge. Some say all related bundles must be completed, while others suggest that just one is enough. Here’s the truth:

  • Complete all related bundles in the Crafts Room at the Community Center.
  • Get your star on the wall, indicating completion.
  • Sleep for one night, allowing the game to magically repair the bridge.
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Craft Room Bundles Example

Alternate Path: Repairing the Bridge via the JojaMart Route

Not everyone in Stardew Valley chooses to restore the Community Center; some players opt for the JojaMart route, contributing to the corporate takeover of the quaint town. If you’re on the JojaMart path, repairing the bridge involves a different set of steps altogether.

The Corporate Way: JojaMart Membership Required

If you’ve chosen to align yourself with the Joja Corporation, the first thing you’ll need to do is purchase a JojaMart Membership for 5,000 gold. This membership will transform the Community Center into a Joja Warehouse, and you’ll get to fix the bridge via monetary means.

The Cost of Convenience

Once you have your JojaMart Membership, you can repair the bridge by merely paying for it. No bundles or magical overnight fixes; it’s all about the money here. The cost for repairing the bridge in the JojaMart route is typically around 25,000 to 30,000 gold.

repair the bridge via the JojaMart route

the amount needed to repair the bridge via the JojaMart route.

Immediate Results

One advantage of this approach is immediacy. As soon as you’ve paid the fee, the bridge is repaired instantly. No need to wait or sleep; your access to the new areas is immediate.

repaired bridge

an image of the repaired bridge after using the JojaMart option.

Benefits and Drawbacks

Going the JojaMart route is a faster, albeit more costly, way to achieve your objectives. The benefits include instant gratification and the convenience of not having to complete multiple bundles. However, it comes at the expense of the heartwarming community building aspect that the traditional route offers.

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Sleeping Does the Trick

Once all bundles are completed, the next step is to simply go to bed. The game’s ‘magical powers and power of friendship’ take over, and the bridge will be repaired overnight. If you’ve done everything but the bridge remains broken, sleep on it—literally. By the next day, you should find the bridge ready and waiting for you.

the bridge will be repaired overnight
The bridge will be repaired overnight

Exceptions and Glitches

Stardew Valley isn’t without its glitches. Some users have reported having to restart their game or reenter the bundle to activate the bridge repair. This issue seems to be more prevalent in the Switch version, so if you find yourself stuck, try reloading your save.

Bonus: The Quarry Hack

For those eager to get to the quarry even before the bridge is repaired, some players have creatively used in-game chairs and walked out-of-bounds to reach this area. This trick is more of a workaround and not recommended for the regular gaming experience.

Quarry Hack
Quarry Hack

Step-by-Step Instructions

  1. Acquire a Chair: First, you’ll need to obtain a chair. You can either purchase one from a furniture shop or use one that you already own.
  2. Head to the Location: Go to the spot closest to the quarry but still within the game’s boundary.
  3. Place the Chair: Open your inventory, select the chair, and place it as close to the boundary as possible.
  4. Walk Out-of-Bounds: If done correctly, sitting on the chair and then standing up again should let you bypass the usual game boundaries. You can now walk directly into the quarry.


In Stardew Valley, repairing a bridge is more than a cosmetic change; it’s a key to unlocking new opportunities and making the most out of your farming life. While the process may be shrouded in community confusions and in-game glitches, we hope this guide has cleared the air for you. So go ahead, complete those bundles and enjoy your new areas and opportunities!

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