Capturing the Golden Horse in the Early Stages In Tears of the Kingdom

Prepare a bottle of Energizing Elixir (4 Restless Crickets + other materials). You can get Restless Cricket by cutting grass.

Prerequisite Quest: Potential Princess Sightings!

Firstly, you need to get the preliminary quest. Head to the Lucky Clover Gazette (coordinates: 3258 1764 0119) and converse with NPC-Traysi to get the mission: Potential Princess Sightings!

Potential Princess Sightings!

The newspaper editor Traysi informs you that people across Hyrule have been spotting someone who could potentially be Princess Zelda. She asks you and Penn to delve into any news-related details you can uncover by visiting stables.

The Quest at Snowfield Stable

Then, proceed to the Snowfield Stable (coordinates: 1641 2583 0233).

Converse with the bird-man NPC who tells you that Princess Zelda’s favored golden horse has escaped. Head due north to the position indicated (coordinates: 1806 3369 0236).

Stealthily approach from the side. If you have Ice Fruit, you can combine it with an arrow to shoot a freezing arrow. Freeze the horse, then sprint to its side and frantically press ‘A’. Once the horse thaws, you can mount it immediately. Continually calm the horse by pressing ‘L’. If your stamina is running low, drink the  Energizing Elixir.

Reward for Successful Taming

After successfully taming the horse, return to the stable to turn in the mission. You will then receive the horse gear that Princess Zelda previously used.

Although the golden horse’s stats are not the best, it stands out due to its impressive appearance.

Strengthening with the Horse God in Later Stages

In the later stages, you can even find the horse god to further enhance your golden horse.

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