Stardew Valley Gold Bar | Detail Information Of Gold Bar


Stardew Valley Gold Bar is create by the help of furnace. If you want to make gold bar then 5 Gold Ore and 1 Coal is need there. 1 Coal is need there for fuel. Or we can also make 1 Gold Bar by transmuting 2 Iron Bars. Formation of Gold Bar takes approx 5 … Read more

Stardew Valley Mine Furnace | Detailed Information Of Mine Furnace

Stardew Valley Mine Furnace

Stardew Valley Mine Furnace use to smelts ore into the bars, that can be used in the various of recipes crafting. Clint will provide you the blueprint of the Stardew Valley Mine Furnace in a cutscene of mining when you will acquire at least 1 Copper Ore. You have to exit in your home around 6:00AM and 11:30AM to trigger the cutscene. Note :– You can get Copper … Read more

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