Complete Guide to Stardew Valley Quest Rewards | Special Rewards & Unique Items

Today, we will be discussing various quests and their rewards in the wonderful world of Stardew Valley. Some quests offer recipes, while others provide special rewards. Let’s dive into those quests that do not offer recipes.

A screenshot of the Special Order Board in Stardew Valley
Special Order Board in Stardew Valley

1. Emily’s Gem Power

Trigger this quest by obtaining cloth and using Emily’s sewing machine. Once done, accept the quest from the Special Quest Board. The task requires you to give Emily one of each of these gems: Ruby, Topaz, Emerald, Jade, and Amethyst. You can use the gems you already have, making this quest relatively easy. Completing this quest rewards you with a sewing machine, allowing you to craft clothes at home.

2. Evelyn’s Gift for George

This springtime quest requires you to place 12 leeks in Evelyn’s kitchen. The task is divided into two parts: collecting and delivering the leeks. The reward is a coffee maker that provides you with a cup of coffee every morning.

3. Gus’s Omelet Roll

Collect 24 eggs and place them in Gus’s fridge. Any type of egg will do, and they can be obtained either by foraging or using the Auto-Grabber. The reward is a mini fridge, which can also be purchased directly from Robin. If other quests are available, consider doing those instead.

4. Lewis’s Crop Order & Pierre’s Preferred Produce

These two quests are similar. Mayor Lewis requires 100 specific crops, while Pierre asks for 25 gold-star vegetables that you must personally harvest. Fetching from Junimo Huts won’t count. Both quests reward you with a mini shipping bin capable of shipping nine items. It also won’t be destroyed by NPCs. We recommend Pierre’s quest, as it includes an interesting storyline.

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5. Pam’s Booze

Available in spring, this quest requires 12 bottles of potato juice, which must be collected from kegs. Place them in Pam’s kitchen and trigger the event at her house. The reward is a TV with an additional fishing information channel, providing details on fish, time, weather, and location.

6. Robin’s Project

Collect 80 hardwood and place them near Robin’s woodpile to trigger an animation. The reward is a red double bed that you can purchase from Robin. However, the bed costs 6,000 gold, which makes this quest rather unreasonable.

7. Willy’s Tropical Fish

To unlock this quest, you must first unlock Ginger Island and build the Island Resort. Catch five each of Yellow Perch, Blue Discus, and Lionfish. Yellow Perch can be found in Pirate Cove, Lionfish in seawater, and Blue Discus in rivers or farm ponds. The reward is a deluxe fish tank.

Aside from Gus’s quest, the rewards for these quests are quite appealing. Enjoy your time in the charming world of Stardew Valley!

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