Crafting and Dyeing Clothes in Stardew Valley: A Complete Guide

Hello, friends! A few days ago, some of you asked me to share some good-looking clothes in Stardew Valley. However, I haven’t talked about how to make clothes and dye them in detail. So in this tutorial, I will first cover the basics of crafting clothes and dyeing. In the next tutorial, I’ll share some outfit ideas. If you’re interested, let’s get started!

Crafting Clothes

In the game, when we first create our save file, we’ll be taken to the character customization screen. The clothes we choose here will be our starting outfit. Items like hats, shirts, and pants in the game are purely decorative, offering no attribute bonuses.

To acquire hats, players typically visit the Hat Mouse’s shop, the seasonal festival shop, the arcade, or the Adventurer’s Guild, or make their own. As for clothes and pants, a small selection can be purchased from Sandy’s store or the Bluebird Merchant(Island Trader) on Ginger Island. Most of the time, though, players create their own.

Once you’ve acquired some cloth in the early stages of the game, you’ll trigger Emily’s event the next morning, unlocking the sewing machine and dyeing features in her house. Additionally, by completing Emily’s Gem Energy quest(Rock Rejuvenation) on the special request board, you can obtain a portable sewing machine to place in your farmhouse for crafting at any time.

Screenshot of the sewing machine interface in Stardew Valley
This is the interface for the sewing machine in Stardew Valley, where you can craft and dye clothes.

Crafting and Dyeing Clothes

Now, let’s discuss how to craft and dye clothes. On the sewing machine interface, the bottom-left slot is for cloth, and the slot on the right is for additional materials. To create an outfit, you’ll need to consume one cloth in the cloth slot and one other item in the material slot. Pressing the button will produce a variety of clothing options. Alternatively, you can use one cloth and one prismatic shard to randomly create one of five prismatic clothing items. These clothes change colors, giving a dreamy appearance. However, there is a chance of creating duplicates during the process.

After discussing how to make clothes, Here is a complete recipe list for you to save and reference.

In addition to making clothes, the sewing machine can also be used to transfer attributes from one pair of shoes to another. To do this, place the shoes with the desired attributes in the top-right material slot and the shoes to be altered in the bottom-left cloth slot. The shoes in the material slot will be consumed, and the newly crafted shoes will become special shoes.

Screenshot of dyeing clothes with the sewing machine in Stardew Valley
You can dye clothes using the sewing machine in Stardew Valley by placing the clothing in the bottom-left slot and the dye material in the top-right slot.

Dyeing Clothes

Next, let’s talk about dyeing. There are two ways to dye clothes in the game: using the sewing machine or the dye pot. Please note that not all clothes can be dyed. Whether a piece of clothing can be dyed is indicated in the recipe list we provided earlier.

Now, let’s discuss dyeing with the sewing machine. When using the sewing machine to dye, the resulting color will be a mix of the item’s current color and the color of the dye material. For example, if you dye a dark green shirt with a white item, it will become a light green shirt.

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To dye clothes using the sewing machine, place the clothing in the bottom-left cloth slot and the dye material in the top-right material slot. A preview of the dyed item will appear on the right side of the sewing machine. Click the button to complete the dyeing process.

Generally, ordinary dye depth is 25%, medium dye depth is 50%, and strong dye depth is 100%. Different dye materials have varying dye depths, and you can achieve 100% color saturation by dyeing multiple times. For instance, dyeing a white shirt with a fire quartz will yield a 25% dye depth; after dyeing four times, the shirt will reach 100% dye depth. However, using a cranberry with the same white shirt will result in 100% dye depth immediately.

Additionally, when using prismatic shards or rainbow shells as dye materials, a menu will pop up. In this menu, you can use a slider to select any color.

Screenshot of the dye pot in Stardew Valley
The dye pot is located to the right of the sewing machine in Stardew Valley.

Finally, let’s talk about dyeing with the dye pot. The dye pot is located to the right of the sewing machine. Right-clicking on it will reveal 7 dye pot in red, orange, yellow, green, cyan, blue, and purple. Items in the inventory with corresponding dye colors will have corresponding icons. When you fill each dye pot with the appropriate color item, a dye bottle will appear in the menu.

Clicking on the dye bottle will open a dyeing menu, allowing you to dye the clothes you’re wearing. However, you must wear the clothes you want to dye.

Screenshot of dyeing clothes with the dye pot in Stardew Valley
You can dye clothes with the dye pot in Stardew Valley by filling each jar with the appropriate color item, and then clicking on the dye bottle to open the dyeing menu.

Dye Materials

Here is a list of dye materials and the corresponding jars in the dye pot:

Apple • Bait • Baryte • Bouquet • Bruschetta • Bug Steak • Cherry • Cherry Bomb • Coral • Crab • Cranberries • Cranberry Candy • Cranberry Sauce • Crimsonfish • Dolomite • Dwarf Scroll I • Eggplant Parmesan • Energy Tonic • Explosive Ammo • Fairy Rose • Fire Quartz • Helvite • Holly • Hot Pepper • Jasper • Jelly (any) • Lava Eel • Lobster • Magma Geode • Mega Bomb • Melon • Miner’s Treat • Ms. Angler • Mushroom Tree Seed • Nekoite • Peach • Pink Cake • Pizza • Poi • Radish • Radish Salad • Red Mullet • Red Mushroom • Red Plate • Red Slime Egg • Red Snapper • Rhubarb • Rhubarb Pie • Ruby • Ruby Ring • Salmon • Salmon Dinner • Salmonberry • Sashimi • Shrimp • Shrimp Cocktail • Son of Crimsonfish • Spaghetti • Spicy Eel • Star Shards • Strange Bun • Strawberry • Sweet Gem Berry • Tomato • Tulip • Vampire Ring • Void Mayonnaise
Acorn • Aged Roe (any) • Apricot • Autumn’s Bounty • Basic Fertilizer • Basic Retaining Soil • Bread • Bullhead • Carp Surprise • Cave Carrot • Chanterelle • Chewing Stick • Chipped Amphora • Chocolate Cake • Cinder Shard • Clay • Coconut • Coffee • Coffee Bean • Common Mushroom • Cookie • Copper Bar • Copper Ore • Crab Cakes • Crab Pot • Crabshell Ring • Crispy Bass • Deluxe Speed-Gro • Dorado • Dragon Tooth • Driftwood • Dwarvish Helm • Earth Crystal • Eel • Farmer’s Lunch • Field Snack • Flounder • Fried Mushroom • Geode • Glazed Yams • Hardwood • Hashbrowns • Hazelnut • Hematite • Jack-O-Lantern • Lemon Stone • Lingcod • Lionfish • Magma Cap • Mahogany Seed • Maple Bar • Maple Seed • Maple Syrup • Morel • Mudstone • Napalm Ring • Nautilus Shell • Octopus • Orange • Orpiment • Pancakes • Pepper Poppers • Pine Cone • Pine Tar • Plum Pudding • Poppy • Potato • Pumpkin • Pumpkin Pie • Pumpkin Soup • Quality Fertilizer • Quality Retaining Soil • Rain Totem • Rainbow Trout • Roasted Hazelnuts • Roe (any) • Roots Platter • Rotten Plant • Rusty Cog • Rusty Spur • Scorpion Carp • Smallmouth Bass • Speed-Gro • Spice Berry • Stingray • Stir Fry • Stonefish • Stuffing • Sunfish • Survival Burger • Taro Root • Tiger Slime Egg • Tiger Trout • Tigerseye • Topaz Ring • Tortilla • Tree Fertilizer • Triple Shot Espresso • Tropical Curry • Trout Soup • Truffle • Unmilled Rice • Warp Totem: Beach • Warp Totem: Desert • Warp Totem: Farm • Warp Totem: Island • Warp Totem: Mountains • Wild Horseradish • Winter Root • Wood • Woodskip • Yam
Angler • Baked Fish • Banana • Banana Pudding • Beer • Blobfish • Bone Flute • Bone Fragment • Calcite • Carp • Cheese • Chicken Statue • Complete Breakfast • Corn • Daffodil • Dandelion • Dish O’ The Sea • Dried Starfish • Dwarf Scroll IV • Elvish Jewelry • Fish Taco • Fossilized Ribs • Fossilized Leg • Fossilized Skull • Fossilized Spine • Fossilized Tail • Fried Calamari • Fried Eel • Fruit Salad • Ginger • Glow Ring • Glowstone Ring • Goat Cheese • Gold Bar • Gold Ore • Golden Coconut • Golden Mask • Golden Pumpkin • Golden Relic • Hay • Honey (any) • Hot Java Ring • Jagoite • Lucky Lunch • Lucky Ring • Mango • Mango Sticky Rice • Mead • Mummified Bat • Mummified Frog • Muscle Remedy • Oil • Pale Ale • Parsnip • Parsnip Soup • Perch • Phoenix Ring • Pike • Pineapple • Pufferfish • Pyrite • Rabbit’s Foot • Ring of Yoba • Sandfish • Sandstone • Sap • Savage Ring • Sea Cucumber • Small Glow Ring • Snail • Snake Skull • Snake Vertebrae • Solar Essence • Starfruit • Strange Doll (yellow) • Summer Spangle • Sunflower • Thorns Ring • Topaz • Torch • Treasure Chest • Truffle Oil • Walleye • Warrior Ring • Wheat
Algae Soup • Artichoke • Bean Hotpot • Bok Choy • Burglar’s Ring • Cactus Fruit • Coleslaw • Dinosaur Egg • Duck Feather • Dwarf Scroll II • Emerald • Emerald Ring • Esperite • Fiber • Fiddlehead Fern • Fiddlehead Risotto • Ginger Ale • Green Algae • Green Bean • Green Slime Egg • Green Tea • Hops • Jade • Jade Ring • Jamborite • Juice (any) • Kale • Largemouth Bass • Legend • Legend II • Malachite • Mutant Carp • Oak Resin • Ocean Stone • Oil of Garlic • Petrified Slime • Pickles (any) • Radioactive Bar • Radioactive Carp • Radioactive Ore • Salad • Seaweed • Shad • Slime Charmer Ring • Slimejack • Soul Sapper Ring • Strange Doll (green) • Super Meal • Tea Leaves • Vegetable Medley
Aerinite • Albacore • Anchovy • Ancient Doll • Ancient Fruit • Aquamarine • Aquamarine Ring • Battery Pack • Blackberry • Blackberry Cobbler • Blue Discus • Blue Jazz • Blue Slime Egg • Blueberry • Blueberry Tart • Bream • Broken CD • Broken Glasses • Clam • Crystal Fruit • Dwarf Scroll III • Frozen Geode • Frozen Tear • Glacierfish • Glacierfish Jr. • Glass Shards • Herring • Ice Pip • Joja Cola • Kyanite • Midnight Squid • Opal • Periwinkle • Qi Bean • Qi Fruit • Sardine • Seafoam Pudding • Spook Fish • Sturdy Ring • Sturgeon • Tuna
Amaranth • Amethyst • Amethyst Ring • Ancient Drum • Beet • Bug Meat • Crocus • Eggplant • Fairy Stone • Fire Opal • Fluorapatite • Grape • Immunity Band • Iridium Band • Iridium Bar • Iridium Ore • Life Elixir • Midnight Carp • Monster Musk • Pomegranate • Poppyseed Muffin • Purple Mushroom • Purple Slime Egg • Red Cabbage • Refined Quartz • Sea Urchin • Super Cucumber • Sweet Pea • Thunder Egg • Void Essence • Void Salmon • Wedding Ring • Wild Plum • Wine (any)

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As you can see, dyeing clothes in Stardew Valley is a fun and creative way to customize your avatar. With the right materials and techniques, you can create a unique look that stands out from the crowd. So go out there and get crafting!

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