Decoding the Potential of Sunflowers in Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley, a pixelated paradise where you can escape your nine-to-five and become a farmer, offers various crops and activities to keep you engaged. One of the crops you might have considered planting is the sunflower. Whether it’s for profit or personal preference, this article will provide you with all the information you need to make an informed decision about this versatile crop.

A picture of a Sunflower
Sunflowers take 8 days to grow from Sunflower Seeds.

The Basics of Sunflowers

Sunflowers in Stardew Valley are a seasonal crop that you can grow during the Summer and Fall. With a growth period of 8 days, a single harvest yields one sunflower and between 0 to 2 sunflower seeds. On average, you’ll get one seed, essentially making sunflowers a renewable crop that requires a “replant” after each harvest.

You can purchase sunflower seeds from Pierre’s General Store for 200g or from JojaMart for 125g (100g if you have a membership). While the cost may seem tempting at JojaMart, it’s generally advised to stick to Pierre’s store due to various in-game benefits.

Tip: Pierre’s General Store often offers more benefits such as festivals and quests related to his store

Financial Analysis: Is It Profitable to Plant Sunflowers?

Seed Costs vs. Harvest Value

The first factor we need to consider is the cost vs. benefit of sunflowers. If you purchase seeds from JojaMart without a membership, it costs you 125g. However, when you sell the seed, you only get 20g, making it an unprofitable route for generating income.

A harvested sunflower can be sold at a base price of 80g, Silver quality for 100g, and Gold quality for 120g. When you have the 5th-level Farming Skill, Tiller, the Gold quality price exceeds that of seeds, giving you a marginal profit.

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Income Calculations

Let’s dive into some calculations:

  • Average Selling Price: With the Tiller skill, the average selling price for sunflowers is about 104.5g each.
  • Harvest Frequency: If you plant sunflowers from the first day of Summer until the end of Fall, you’ll harvest them six times, leading to a total profit of 522g.
  • Comparison with Hops: You’ll earn slightly more than one hop but less than two hops if you compare the profit. A hop plant without Speed-Gro can be harvested 17 times in a season, offering higher profit potential.
  • Speed-Gro Fertilizer: If you use Deluxe Speed-Gro, the growing period shortens to 6 days. This allows for 9 harvests if planted from day one of Summer to the end of Fall, leading to a profit of 755.5g, comparable to two hops.

Given these figures, it’s safe to say that growing sunflowers for profit alone might not be the best route. They yield less profit compared to other crops like hops.

Tip: Use Deluxe Speed-Gro to maximize your harvest frequency for sunflowers

Other Uses of Sunflowers

Honey Production

Sunflowers can be used to produce specialized honey, Sunflower Honey, which sells for 260g (or 364g if you have the Artisan profession). This is far more profitable than selling sunflowers directly or converting them to oil. However, this is less profitable than Poppy Honey in Summer or Fairy Rose Honey in Fall.

Gifts and Quests

Sunflowers are Haley’s favorite gift, making them an excellent choice if you’re trying to win her heart. Additionally, one sunflower is needed for the Dye Bundle in the Community Center, so you might want to plant a couple as a safeguard.

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Tailoring and Dyes

Sunflowers can also be used in tailoring to make a skirt that is almost similar to the default style but can be dyed. They serve as a source of yellow dye for tailoring purposes.

Tip: Keep a few sunflowers for tailoring or dyeing purposes, they can add flair to your Stardew Valley fashion.


While sunflowers may not be the gold mine some players hope for, they are not entirely without merit. They offer specialized honey, serve as Haley’s favorite gift, and even play a role in tailoring and dyes. However, if you’re looking to maximize your in-game profit, there are better options for you to consider, like hops or even artisan goods.

If you’re playing Stardew Valley for the love of farming and less for the optimization of profits, then by all means, plant a field of sunflowers and enjoy the beauty they bring. After all, Stardew Valley is not just about making money; it’s about enjoying a different pace of life.

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