Discover Emerald Farm, Adventurer’s Guild Cemetery, and The Summit in Stardew Valley Expanded

Hello everyone. In this tutorial, we will continue to introduce new locations in Stardew Valley Expanded (SVE). The main locations we will discuss are Emerald Farm, Adventurer’s Guild Graveyard, and The Summit.

Heading north from Robin's Shop

Heading north from Robin’s Shop, you will encounter some obstacles blocking the path. This is due to a landslide caused by Joja Corporation’s negligence when removing cargo from the train. On the third day of Summer in the first year, Joja Corporation will use explosives to clear the landslide, allowing access to the Railroad.

Emerald Farm

Emerald Farm

To the right lies Emerald Farm. The owner of this farm is Susan, a new NPC added by SVE. Most of the farm’s produce is sold to various provinces in the Ferngill Republic via train, and the villagers of Pelican Town praise the high-quality products. These high-quality products are attributed to Susan’s exclusive homemade fertilizer. Susan buys her crop seeds from Pierre’s General Store rather than the Joja Mart because Joja Corporation refuses to apologize for the landslide damage.

Susan’s House

Susan's house

Susan lives in a house filled with indoor plants, which she cares for like her own family. The living room is where Susan crafts handmade items. A note on the table serves as a guide for her storage chest. A bookshelf holds books on woodworking and agriculture, and a globe is pinned with the places Susan has visited, indicating her love for travel. The room also features a fireplace and a radio tuned to a news station, as well as a replica model of the Forlorn Ship.

Susan’s laptop and books on cooking and travel can be found nearby. She also grows some small crops in her home. The kitchen is spotless, with a microwave heating up a vegetarian wrap. The refrigerator mostly contains fruits and vegetables, suggesting that Susan is a vegetarian.

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Upstairs is Susan’s bedroom, which includes a TV and another note revealing her plans to save money for a trip to Fern Islands. To the left of the bedroom, small barrels ferment various wines and juices, suggesting that Susan is aware of the profit potential in winemaking. There are also two canning jars producing jam and a storage area for seeds.Susan typically uses a typewriter for reports, and another note nearby reveals the 39th quarter report for Emerald Farm, indicating that Susan has made a substantial income.

Adventurer’s Guild Graveyard

Adventurer's Guild Cemetery

Continuing north from Emerald Farm, you will find the Adventurer’s Guild Graveyard, filled with numerous tombstones of adventurers. You can forage for items in this area and even find a useful early-game weapon, the Thin Sword, which only appears in new save files after installing SVE.

Large Boulder

Large boulder

To the right of the Adventurer’s Guild Graveyard, a large boulder blocks the path. After obtaining the Skull Key and entering the Railroad, a cutscene is triggered where you encounter Clint. Clint says the mayor hired him to deal with the boulder and needs powerful explosives to do so. We offer to help Clint by providing explosives.

The Summit

Forageables at The Summit

Next, visit the Blacksmith. Clint needs Iridium Ore and Coal to create a bomb capable of destroying the boulder. Collect 20 Iridium Ore and 20 Coal, then place them in the Blacksmith’s chest. On the following day, you will hear an explosion from the Railroad, and the boulder will be removed. Continue north to reach The Summit, where a bench offers a beautiful view.

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You can also forage for items here, including new SVE forageables that spawn throughout the year, such as Thistle. In Spring, you can find Ferngill Primrose; in Summer and Fall, Golden Rod; and in Winter, Winter Star Rose. These four forageables are necessary to complete all goods achievements in SVE and are required for 100% completion.

At The Summit, you can take a moment to relax and enjoy the beautiful scenery that surrounds you. This serene location is perfect for taking a break from your daily farming activities and appreciating the natural beauty of the world of Stardew Valley Expanded.

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