Discover Exciting New Recipes in Stardew Valley Expanded Mod

Howdy farmers, have you heard about the new Stardew Valley Expanded mod? This mod will take your game to a whole new level, with a bunch of new possibilities for you to explore.

In this article, we will focus on the new recipes that come with the Expanded mod.

New Recipes in Stardew Valley Expanded Mod

Let’s see how you can stir the pot and make excellent food with different types of ingredients. Below is a list of ten recipes that you will find with the Stardew Valley Expanded mod.

10. Baked Berry Oatmeal

  • Ingredients: Sugar (1), Wheat Flour (2), Blackberry (15), Salmonberry (15)
  • Buffs: Speed (+2), Farming (+2), Foraging (+2)
  • Restores: Health (80), Energy (200)
  • Sells for: 400g
  • Loves this: Andy, Demetrius, Linus, Robin

Warm, chewy, sweet baked oatmeal bursting with berries.

This special recipe will give you a handful of health and energy, and you will find the recipe when you visit Bear’s shop. Bear is located at the end of Forest West (near Aurora Vineyards). When you successfully prepare Baked Berry Oatmeal, you can find Robin, Linus, Demetrius, or Andy and gift it to them.

Baked Berry Oatmeal
Baked Berry Oatmeal

9. Big Bark Burger

  • Ingredients: Oil (1), Bread (1), Puppyfish (1)
  • Buffs: Attack (+3), Speed (+1)
  • Restores: Health (95), Energy (213)
  • Sells for: 400g
  • _Loves this: _Gus, Martin

The Big Bark Burger, also known as the Triple B, is a delicious burger with a chewy consistency and a juicy flavor that will satisfy your hunger and give you some useful buffs.

To make this Burger you need to get Puppyfish first. This recipe will give you a lot of energy and health. Don’t hesitate, go find Gus and reach 5 hearts can give you the recipe for Big Bark Burger!

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If you want to give this yummy burger to someone – villager Martin will be grateful to you.

Big Bark Burger
Big Bark Burger

8. Flower Cookie

  • Ingredients: Large Egg (1), Sugar (1), Wheat Flour (1), Winter Star Rose (1), Goldenrod (1), Ferngill Primrose (1)
  • Restores: Health (84), Energy (188)
  • Buffs: Speed (+2), Foraging (+2), Luck (+2)
  • Sells for: 165g
  • Loves this: Sophia

Smells as sweet as it tastes.

To gather ingredients, you have to do some foraging first, but it will be worth it because, with Flower Cookie you will be able to find rare items.

Visit Bear’s Shop to get the recipe, then find Sophie. She loves Flower Cookie so you can give her a gift if you want her to like you.

Flower Cookie
Flower Cookie

7. Frog Legs

  • Ingredients: Wheat Flour (1), Oil (1), Frog (1)
  • Restores: Health (33), Energy (75)
  • Buffs: Defense (+2), Speed (+2)
  • Sells for: 400g
  • Loves this: Gus, Marlon, Willy

One of the better-known delicacies of Gotoroan cuisine.

For this recipe, you need to have 2000g and find Marlon. Also, you have to have 5 level of fishing to catch frogs. Frogs are found in the Montain area in the Spring or Summer.

You can give Frog Legs to Magnus, Pierre, or Linus – they will appreciate them.

Frog Legs
Frog Legs

6. Glazed Butterfish

  • Ingredients: Oil (1), Wheat Flour (1), Butterfish (1)
  • Restores: Health (89), Energy (200)
  • Buffs: Luck (+2), Fishing (+2)
  • Sells for: 800g
  • Loves this: Andy, Claire, Sam

    A very hearty meal.

Glazed Butterfish is one of the easier recipes that comes with the Expanded Mod. Visit the Forest West area or Shearwater Bridge if you want to catch Butterfish.

However, first you have to befriend Gus and have a 5-level friendship for him to reveal this interesting recipe.

Finally, when the meal is done, you can gift it to Claire, Sam or Andy.

Glazed Butterfish
Glazed Butterfish

5. Mixed Berry Pie

  • Ingredients: Wheat Flour (1), Sugar (1), Bearberry (6), Blackberry (6), Salal Berry (6), Strawberry (6)
  • Restores: Health (84), Energy (187)
  • Buffs: Farming (+3), Max Energy (+50)
  • Sells for: 250g
  • Loves this: Andy, Claire, Evelyn, Jos, Leah, Martin, Sandy, Sophia, Susan, Vincent

A delicious combination of sweet and tart that con’t be beat.

Find Gus and give him 3500g to find out what you need for the Mixed Berry Pie recipe. This recipe will give you enough energy for farming and is an ideal gift for Martin, Sophia, Susan, and many other villagers.

Mixed Berry Pie
Mixed Berry Pie

4. Mushroom Berry Rice

  • Ingredients: Rice (1), Sugar (2), Red Baneberry (3), Poison Mushroom (3)
  • Restores: Health (1), Energy (3)
  • Buffs: Attack (+3), Defense (+3), Mining (+3), Magnetism (+32), Max Energy (-50)
  • Sells for: 115g

An odd dish. Temporarily reduces max stamina when consumed.

If you find yourself in the Adventurer’s Guild, go to Marlon’s Shop, where for 1500g you can get the recipe for Mushroom Berry Rice. As much as this recipe may seem suspicious, it will help you with collecting objects.

Mushroom Berry Rice
Mushroom Berry Rice

3. Seaweed Salad

  • Ingredients: Oil (1), Seaweed (2), Dulse Seaweed (2)
  • Restores: Health (79), Energy (175)
  • Buffs: Fishing (+1), Max Energy (+30)
  • Sells for: 200g
  • Loves this: Willy

A healthy dish from the ocean.

Visit Willy in the bait shop, and for 1250g buy this simple recipe that will increase your energy in 15 minutes. Willy is a Seaweed Salad lover so you can gift him a prepared meal.

Seaweed Salad
Seaweed Salad

2. Void Delight

  • Ingredients: Void Eel (1), Void Essence (20), Solar Essence (20)
  • Restores: Health (1), Energy (3)
  • Buffs: Magnetism (+2), Speed (+2), Attack (+3), Mining (+2), Luck (+2), Max Energy (+20)
  • Sells for: 800g
  • Loves this: Krobus, Magnus, Marion

It’s teeming with void energy.

The Void Delight can be obtained through the relationship with Krobus. You must have a relationship of 10 hearts and 5000g for Krobus to reveal this recipe to you. Impress Krobus and Magnus with this recipe, they will love it!

Void Delight
Void Delight

1. Void Salmon Sushi

  • Ingredients: Void Salmon (1), Void Mayonnaise (1), Seaweed (3)
  • Restores: Health (3), Energy (3)
  • Buffs: Fishing (+3), Luck (+3), Defense (+5), Max Energy (+80)
  • Sells for: 800g
  • Loves this: Krobus, Magnus

Is this safe to eat?

If you like fishing and want to catch rare fish, Void Salmon Sushi is the ideal recipe for this. Pay Krobus 5000g (you must have 10 heart friendship first) for this recipe, and he will be grateful if you give him this meal as a gift.

Void Salmon Sushi
Void Salmon Sushi

To sum up

We hope that these cooking tips will help you when playing Stardew Valley with the Expanded Mod, so have fun farming and share with us how satisfied you are with your new gameplay.

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