Discover Fable Reef and The First Slash Clan in Stardew Valley Expanded

Hello Everyone! In this tutorial, we will continue to introduce new locations in Stardew Valley Expanded (SVE), focusing on Fable Reef and the The First Slash Clan.

Lance's 8-heart event
Lance’s 8-heart event

To access these locations, you need to achieve an 8-heart relationship with Lance, complete the “Monster Crops” quest, and unlock the Ginger Island farm cabin. On a sunny day, visit Ginger Island Farm to trigger Lance’s 8-heart event. Lance says he has finished researching monster crops and is ready to report to The First Slash Clan, inviting us to join him.

Teleporting to the island
Teleporting to the island

Lance explains that the island where The First Slash Clan is located lies in the center of the Gem Sea and can only be reached using a teleportation rune. We teleport with Lance to the beautiful island, where he introduces us to the other guild members. They are all happy to see Lance return.

Meeting Joline
Meeting Joline

Lance introduces us to Joline, the leader of the The First Slash Clan. Joline asks Lance to demonstrate his mysterious powers. Lance shows off the monster fruit, monster mushroom, slime berries, and void roots we helped him collect, impressing the other guild members.

Wizard's teleportation circle
Wizard’s teleportation circle

The next day, we encounter a wizard who says we can reach The First Slash Clan through the teleportation circle in his room. After visiting the wizard’s basement, we find a teleportation circle that takes us to Fable Reef.

Foraging at Fable Reef
Foraging at Fable Reef

At Fable Reef, you can find new foraging items added in SVE, such as:

  • Sand dollars
  • Sea snails
  • Golden Ocean flowers

Unlike other foraging areas in the game, new items spawn here daily, and they don’t persist until Saturday. These three items are necessary for completing all shipping achievements in SVE and reaching 100% progress. The golden Ocean flower is also a favorite gift for many people.

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If you choose the Botanist profession at level 10 foraging, you can collect Iridium-quality golden Ocean flowers at Fable Reef and give them as birthday presents to NPCs, significantly increasing their affection.

Razor's Edge Guild Hall
Razor’s Edge Guild Hall

The The First Slash Clan Hall is located in the central building, where some guild members hang out surrounded by weapons, equipment, and magic potions. Joline, the guild leader, stands in front of the fireplace. The door on the left is locked, but the door on the right leads to the second floor, where only the second room is currently accessible. Entering the room triggers a cutscene.

Joline says we can use the empty room and asks us to meet her in the Guild Hall later for a chat. Talking with Joline, she tells us that the Gotoro Empire’s wizards have turned “Torpedo Trout” into weapons. The island has attracted some torpedo trout, which she says are harmless unless we’re on a boat. Could the torpedo trout become torpedoes and attack ships?

Fishing for torpedo trout
Fishing for torpedo trout

You can catch the new SVE-added torpedo trout here all year round. It’s also Lance’s favorite gift, and we can sleep in the room on the second floor of the guild. After reaching a 10-heart relationship with Lance and watching his 8-heart event, leave the cabin between 6 am and 12 pm to trigger the first part of Lance’s 10-heart event. Lance invites us to join him at The First Slash Clan and says he’s opened a path on the cliff behind Ginger Island Farmhouse.

Following the path behind Ginger Island Farmhouse, we find another teleportation circle that takes us to Fable Reef, triggering the second part of Lance’s 10-heart event. Lance invites us to patrol Fable Reef with him. Here, we see a group of torpedo trout swimming like missiles through the water.

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Later, at the Guild Hall, Lance teaches us how to make magic potions. We chat with other guild members by the seaside and eventually head to the small room on the second floor.

Lance's 10-heart event
Lance’s 10-heart event

Lance shows off his six-pack abs and invites us to share a bed with him. Of course, we must politely decline.

In conclusion, the Fable Reef and The First Slash Clan introduced in Stardew Valley Expanded offer exciting new locations to explore and additional foraging items to discover. As you develop your relationships with the characters and progress through the game, you’ll uncover more about the mysterious powers of Lance and the guild. With new items, quests, and events, these locations will certainly add to the overall experience of playing Stardew Valley.

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