Discover Fairhaven Farm and Adventurer’s Guild in Stardew Valley Expanded

Hello everyone. This tutorial continues to introduce new locations in Stardew Valley Expanded (SVE). The main locations covered in this tutorial are Fairhaven Farm and the brand-new Adventurer’s Guild.

Heading south from Marnie’s Ranch, you can reach Fairhaven Farm. The farm is situated on a cliff near the Gem Sea, and perhaps due to its proximity to the sewer, the crop quality here isn’t great. Andy, a new NPC added in SVE, lives on this farm. Apart from running Fairhaven Farm, Andy also forages in the nearby areas and the western forest to earn extra income.

Exterior of Andy's messy house filled with Joja boxes and beer bottles
Exterior of Andy’s messy house filled with Joja boxes and beer bottles

Andy is a huge fan of Joja Corporation products, frequently purchasing seeds, household items, and food from the Joja Mart. His house is filled with Joja boxes, and there’s even a Joja shopping basket. The house is quite dirty and messy, with muddy footprints all over the floor, garbage bags and empty beer bottles strewn about, and beer-soaked carpets.

Interior of Andy's messy house with Joja products and moldy pillow
Interior of Andy’s messy house with Joja products and moldy pillow

There is also a rusty pair of scissors on the ground. In the living room, there is no TV, only a radio without batteries, and a cup emanating a foul odor. A few books titled “Why Joja Agriculture is Better than Organic Agriculture,” “Joja – The Ultimate Farming Guide,” and “The Benefits of Joja Seeds” can be found here. It seems that Andy has been brainwashed by Joja. Upstairs is Andy’s bedroom, where his bed is also a mess, and a moldy pillow lies on the floor.

A ledger for Fairhaven Farm reveals a loss of over 4,000 in the 41st quarter, which explains Andy’s poor living conditions. A note nearby indicates that Andy genuinely trusts Joja products, and it’s possible that the plants are dying because of Joja’s fertilizer.

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Andy’s kitchen is also a mess, with a fallen can of rotten food on the floor and a foul-smelling trash can. There is a long-neglected oven and a sink full of dirty dishes, and the refrigerator contains some Joja-branded food. However, Andy will eventually change.

After restoring the Community Center, visit Andy’s house, where he says he has cleaned up, bought some new furniture, and switched from Joja seeds to Pierre’s. He has also started making more money and invites you to have dinner at his house.

If you complete the Joja Community Development Form instead, the story will be slightly different, but the end result will be the same. Andy claims that Joja’s demand keeps increasing, so he’s earning more money.

Interior of Andy's cleaned-up house with books and fresh food
Interior of Andy’s cleaned-up house with books and fresh food

The cleaned-up house has undergone many changes. The books in the corner have been replaced with titles like “Organic Farming Methods” and “Why Joja Seeds Perform Poorly.” The radio now has batteries and is tuned to the “Country Music Station.” The bookshelf contains books on agriculture, foraging, and finance. Andy’s bedroom finally has a small TV and an additional heater. In Andy’s closet, there are ten blue work uniforms, suggesting that Andy, like us, wears the same clothes every day.

The quarterly report shows that Andy’s financial situation has improved. His kitchen is now clean, and the refrigerator is filled with fresh foraged items from Pierre’s.

In SVE, the locations of the Adventurer’s Guild and the mines have changed. You need to head right and then up to reach the Adventurer’s Guild. The original mines are located to the left of the Adventurer’s Guild.

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Exterior of the Adventurer's Guild
Exterior of the Adventurer’s Guild

In the corner behind the Adventurer’s Guild, there is a tombstone with an inscription commemorating Isabella. It’s unclear whether Isabella was Marlon’s wife or Gil’s wife.

The hall of the Adventurer’s Guild showcases various weapons. The guild hall is now the activity center for other guild members, and Marlon can now engage in conversations and receive gifts.

Inside Marlon’s room, there is a bookshelf containing books about adventurers. An old, dusty ledger can be found here as well. The counter displays minerals and gems collected from the mines. There are also numerous photos of veteran adventurers together. On the table, you’ll find various pieces of equipment used by adventurers.

With these changes in Stardew Valley Expanded, players can enjoy new locations, engage with new characters like Andy, and explore the evolving stories and experiences within the game. Whether you choose to restore the Community Center or go with the Joja route, the world of Stardew Valley continues to offer rich and immersive gameplay for all players.

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