Discover New Locations in Stardew Valley Expanded: JojaMart, Seagull Bridge, Old Community Garden, and Grampleton Plains

Hello everyone! In this tutorial, we’ll continue to introduce new locations added in Stardew Valley Expanded (SVE). In this article, we’ll mainly discuss the more conscientious JojaMart, Seagull Bridge, Old Community Garden, and Grampleton Fields.

JojaMart in Stardew Valley Expanded
JojaMart in SVE

In SVE, JojaMart has undergone some changes. The supermarket now operates from 10 am to 10 pm. Prices at JojaMart are lower than in the original version, and most items are even cheaper than those at Pierre’s General Store, making it more reasonable. The cashier, Claire, can now engage in conversations and receive gifts. She is also a marriage candidate. The supermarket has added a new cashier, Martin, an SVE-exclusive NPC who is Claire’s colleague and secretly admires her.

Morris' Office in Stardew Valley Expanded
Morris’ Office

In the lower right corner of JojaMart, the manager, Morris, has a separate office and can now engage in conversations and receive gifts. If you restore the Community Center, Morris will leave Pelican Town forever.

Monument in the Plaza in Stardew Valley Expanded
Monument in the Plaza

To the right of JojaMart, there is a small plaza with a monument that reads “In Honor of the Elegance of Stardew Valley.” You can reach Seagull Bridge by heading to the right of the Blacksmith’s shop, where you can fish.

Seagull Bridge in Stardew Valley Expanded
Seagull Bridge

Once your fishing skill reaches level 8, you can choose to catch Pufferfish and Dogfish here. This is an excellent early-game income source, although fishing can be challenging. Notably, Dogfish are Sophia’s favorite gifts.

Old Community Garden in Stardew Valley Expanded
Old Community Garden

Head to the right of the Museum to find the Old Community Garden. Initially, the garden is blocked by two boxes. Entering Pelican Town from 6 am to 6 pm on a sunny day during Spring of the second year will trigger a cutscene. You’ll encounter the mayor at the Old Community Garden, who tells you that this plot of land used to be the town’s garden. However, due to neglect, it has become dilapidated. As this is the first thing tourists see when visiting Pelican Town, it tarnishes the town’s image.

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The mayor asks if you would be willing to fix up the land, which can be used to grow anything. Whether you choose yes or no, the outcome will be the same. The mayor will remove the two boxes blocking the garden entrance. After unlocking the garden, you can plant crops and fruit trees there, just as on your farm, and use sprinklers. Crops here won’t be eaten by crows, so scarecrows are unnecessary, and lightning won’t strike your plants. Beehouses can also be placed here, producing honey or wild honey, just as on your farm, but not during winter.

Old Community Garden with crops in Stardew Valley Expanded
Old Community Garden with crops

The Old Community Garden is the same size as a deluxe farmhouse, 17×12, so it can hold the same amount of equipment. Heading to the right of the garden, you’ll find Seagull Bridge.

Continue right from Seagull Bridge to reach Grampleton Fields.

Grampleton Fields requires a separate download from the SVE download page. Once downloaded, place it in the Mods folder. Which is very large, suitable for multiplayer games, and offers plenty of usable space. You can gather wood and forage here, and use the land for farming.

Heading north on the map, there’s a railway track. Walk to the left of the track to find the railroad location. Going right from the track, you’ll find a train platform leading to another platform.

Proceeding south from the platform, you can gather hardwood and find a Wizard’s Tower.

Wizard's Tower in Stardew Valley Expanded
Wizard’s Tower

Next to the Wizard’s Tower is a teleportation circle, which you can use to access the Wizard’s basement in the late game.

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Heading south from the Wizard’s Tower, there is a small boat.

Small Boat in Stardew Valley Expanded
Small Boat

Take the boat to reach the beach, where you can enjoy more activities and explore new areas in the world of Stardew Valley Expanded.

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