Discover the Grampleton Suburb and Meet Scarlett in Stardew Valley Expanded

Hello everyone! In this tutorial, we will continue exploring the new locations and characters introduced in Stardew Valley Expanded (SVE). Our main focus will be on how to meet Scarlett and discover the Grampleton Suburb.

Scarlett and Sofia chatting in Stardew Valley Expanded
Scarlett and Sofia chatting

Meeting Scarlett

Scarlett, a new NPC added in SVE, is Sofia’s friend. You will first encounter her in Sofia’s 2-heart event. To trigger this event, you must have a 2-heart relationship with Sofia and visit Blue Moon Vineyard between 8 am and 4 pm on a sunny day during spring, summer, or fall. You will see Sofia and Scarlett chatting, with Scarlett expressing her concern for Sofia and mentioning something about new medicine.

Scarlett promises to visit Sofia often, and Sofia mentions that talking to Scarlett always cheers her up. Sofia then introduces you to Scarlett, who warmly greets you. Scarlett reveals that she and her father live in the Grampleton Suburb, and her father is currently at Marnie’s Ranch purchasing milk and wool.

Sofia expresses her gratitude for Scarlett’s visit, and Scarlett says she will send some interesting items to Sofia before leaving. Afterward, Sofia seems worried that you overheard their conversation about the new medicine.

Unlocking Grampleton Suburb

After viewing Sofia’s 8-heart event and either repairing the Community Center or completing the Joja Community Development Form, you can meet Scarlett outside your house between 6 am and 8 pm. Scarlett tells you that she will soon start working as a helper for the farmers in Stardew Valley. She informs you that you can buy a ticket to Grampleton Suburb at the Train Station and gives you her address: 106 Pondwood Road. From this point, you can talk to Scarlett and give her gifts.

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Visiting Grampleton Suburb

Entrance to Tondelin Suburb in Stardew Valley Expanded
Entrance to Tondelin Suburb

At the Train Station, you can purchase a ticket to Grampleton Suburb. The railway tracks are inaccessible, so you must head north to reach the suburb. As you explore the area, you will encounter the Grampleton Bulletin Board, though you cannot accept any tasks there at the moment.

Scarlett’s House

Exterior of Scarlett's house in Stardew Valley Expanded
Exterior of Scarlett’s house

You will find Scarlett’s house in the Grampleton Suburb. The house has a garage containing a red pickup truck, a flower bed with some crops, and a trash can that you cannot rummage through.

Living room of Scarlett's house in Stardew Valley Expanded
Living room of Scarlett’s house

Inside the house, you will find a spacious living room with a large TV and an elegant tea set. A shoe rack filled with shoes, a lifelike squirrel statue, a fireplace, and a bookshelf with books about agriculture and car repair can also be seen, suggesting that Scarlett’s family is quite well-off.

To the left of the living room is the kitchen, which contains a mahogany table and a fridge stocked with a bunch of goat milk. You will also meet Scarlett’s two fathers, Hank and Trueman.

The house also contains a bedroom for Scarlett’s fathers and another for Scarlett herself. Her room features a locked drawer, a bookshelf with carefully crafted comic collections, a small sewing machine, and materials for making cosplay costumes. The room is filled with plush toys and a radio covered in anime stickers, indicating Scarlett’s love for anime.

The Garage

To trigger Scarlett’s 4-heart event, you must have a 4-heart relationship with her and watch her 2-heart event. Then, between 6 am and 9 pm, you can visit Scarlett’s house and enter the garage. Inside, Scarlett is working on her cosplay costumes using her father’s workbench. She shares her desire to drive the red pickup truck, mentioning that she already has her driver’s license and dreams of going on a road trip. Scarlett asks for your help in grabbing some leather protector.

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Garage of Scarlett's house in Stardew Valley Expanded
Garage of Scarlett’s house

Afterward, Scarlett continues her work and thanks you for your assistance. From this point, you can enter the garage at any time. Inside, you will find a logging machine, a bookshelf filled with books, snacks, and tools, a pile of truck parts and motor oil, and a small furnace. There are also numerous boxes filled with various items.


Exploring new locations and characters in Stardew Valley Expanded adds an exciting layer of depth to the game. Meeting Scarlett and visiting the Grampleton Suburb will provide players with a fresh experience and new relationships to build. The additional storyline and charming details enrich the game, making it even more enjoyable for fans of Stardew Valley. So, embark on this new journey and uncover the secrets of Scarlett and the Grampleton Suburb!

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