Discover the Secret in the Dark Tunnel: Stardew Valley’s Casino Quest

Hello fellow Stardew Valley players! In this tutorial, we will be exploring the Casino Quest. The clue to this quest is found in Secret Note #22, which reads, “Have you found my ‘secret’ in the dark tunnel? I look forward to meeting you!” You will need a magnifying glass to read the Secret Note, which can only be obtained in winter. However, it is not necessary to have the note to complete the quest.

A battery pack
You need to place a battery pack in the lock-box in the tunnel to the left of the bus stop to unlock Mr. Qi’s Mysterious Task.

Step 1: Finding the Battery-Powered Safe

To begin, head to the bus stop to the right of your farm, then go left to the tunnel. Between the two lights inside the tunnel, you will see a battery-powered safe on the wall. Unfortunately, it is out of power. Interact with the safe while holding a battery to receive the first task: Bring a Rainbow Shell to the train platform and place it in the box.

Step 2: Rainbow Shell

The train platform is located above Robin’s house, and you can access it after the earthquake on Summer Day 3. Collect a Rainbow Shell from the beach during summer and place it in the small box on the platform. The next task is to place 10 beets inside Mayor Lewis’s fridge.

Step 3: Beets and Mayor Lewis’s Fridge

Beet seeds can be purchased at the Oasis shop, and they are an autumn crop with a six-day growing period. If you follow the Joja route and grow beets in the greenhouse, you can complete this task earlier. Bring 10 beets to Mayor Lewis’s house and interact with his fridge. The beets can have different quality levels as long as there are 10 of them. Afterward, you will receive the final task: Give the Sand Dragon its last meal.

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Step 4: The Sand Dragon’s Last Meal

To complete this task, you need to interact with the dragon skull located above the Oasis shop in the desert. The skull’s open mouth faces the desert sun, hinting that the Sand Dragon desires a Solar Essence as its last meal. Provide the Solar Essence to proceed.

Step 5: The Membership Card

Upon completing the previous tasks, the final note reads, “Child, you’ve proven your strength. Go check the woodpile next to your house, Mr. Qi.” Interact with the woodpile to the left of your farmhouse to find a Membership Card. Although its purpose is unclear, it appears important and is added to your wallet. To view wallet items, check the Skills menu.

Step 6: Accessing the Casino

The Membership Card grants access to the Casino, located inside the Oasis shop. A black-suited guard blocks the entrance, but he will vanish in a flash of white light if you possess the Membership Card. Sandy, the shop owner, will be surprised, and you can then enter the Casino. Without a Membership Card, entry is impossible, and the guard may even bomb you if you try to force your way in.

Step 7: Inside the Casino

Mr. Qi, the enigmatic casino owner, can be found standing against a wall inside the Casino. To his left is a cat-shaped machine that displays various statistics, and to his right is the area where Qi Coins can be purchased (100 coins for 1,000 gold). An NPC to the right of the Qi Coin vendor sells the Statue of Endless Fortune for 1 million gold.

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The Casino offers two gambling options: slot machines and blackjack. The slot machines have a high probability of winning, which is positively correlated with daily luck and luck boosts. The higher your luck, the greater the chances of winning. The outcomes are genuinely random, and there is no specific pattern to follow.

There are two blackjack tables with different betting limits. The order of the cards dealt is fixed each day, allowing you to save and reload to accumulate Qi Coins. The efficiency of this method is similar to playing slot machines, but it is more time-consuming and can be a fun pastime.

Step 8: Exchanging Qi Coins for Prizes

After winning Qi Coins, you can exchange them for various items at the shop on the right side of the Casino. Many useful and exclusive items are available, including unique furniture and hats.

Some highlights include the Alien Rarecrow, which is only available at the Casino. Collecting all Rarecrows will grant you the Deluxe Scarecrow recipe, making this item worth acquiring.

Hardwood fences can be purchased for 100 Qi Coins, making them a practical and convenient option for fencing. Buying them here saves time and resources compared to crafting them yourself. These fences can also be sold for 10 gold each, making them an efficient way to convert Qi Coins into gold. Since gambling does not consume in-game time, selling hardwood fences can generate substantial income with minimal in-game time investment, albeit at the cost of significant real-life time.

Magnet baits, a type of fishing bait, can be purchased for 1,000 Qi Coins. However, they are not worth the price, as each bait is consumed after catching a single fish.

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The Farm Totem: Warp Totem can be bought for 500 Qi Coins, allowing you to instantly teleport to a designated spot on your farm. This item is very useful, especially before obtaining the Return Scepter.

Additionally, Welwick, the fortune teller from the TV, can be found inside the Casino.

And that concludes our comprehensive guide to the Stardew Valley Casino Quest!

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