Discover the Secrets of Old Master Cannoli in Stardew Valley Expanded

You have ready to unlock secret woods? And thinking about what you will do next in Stardew valley Expanded. It would be best if you found a statue in the hidden woods and are still searching for the sweetest taste. So it offers you to give Sweet Gem Berry to it. In return, he provides a Stardrop, which will help you to maximize your energy and experience points. In this guide, we will help you to find and interact with old master Cannoli effectively.

Finding Old Master Cannoli

Finding Old Master Connolly in Stardew Valley Expanded is no child’s work. First, however, you must find the right place to see it, even if you are a beginner. Here in this article, I will tell you where the old master cannoli is precisely located and strategies to access it easily.

  • Old Master Cannoli: It’s a statue, and the Statue can be found in the secret woods. Those secret woods can be found in the northwest Cinder sap of the forest. That is the place directly south of your farm. The area is now south of the form. This is where the wizard, Marnie, and lea all live. A fallen log along the way of secret wood can only be removed with at least a steel axe or better.
  • What You Need: you need something with the sweetest taste and need to obtain a rare seed which you want to do in spring or summer because it takes 24 days to grow and only grows in fall.
  • Where to Buy: you can buy it from a traveling merchant. She appears in the cinder sap forest along the way to the secret woods only on Friday and Sunday in spring and summer. If you try to do this in the fall and winter, you have a meager chance of getting the rare seeds from her.
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Image of Secret Woods
The Secret Woods


Obtaining Sweet Gem Berry

Sweet Gem Berry is a unique and excellent crop in the Stardew valley game. It grows in the fall season, and its period to mature is 24 days. It sells for a high price of 3000g.

Image of Sweet Gem Berry
Sweet Gem Berry


Why is the steel Axe Necessary?

To access the secret woods, players must use a steel axe to cut down the large tree stump near the entrance to the Wizard’s Tower. Getting this is not guaranteed, but you will usually find it only once weekly. The following strategies help to maximize sweet gem berry obtaining chance efficiently.

  • · Use the Burglar’s Ring
  • · Use the Botanist Profession
  • · Plant Rare Seeds
  • · Visit the Secret Woods regularly.

Players can maximize their obtaining chances by the following techniques once they buy the rare seeds. Once you have the rare seed, hang on until fall, and plant it early. If you produce it too late, it will not grow in 24 days or die when winter comes. Otherwise, put it to the ground, harvest it, and get the sweet gem, Barry.

Giving Sweet Gem Berry to Old Master Cannoli

Sweet Gem Berry is valuable fruit in the Stardew expended valley. Once you get it, please take it to the secret woods, go upto with an item, and present it to him as a tribute. Here are the following points to do the following process.

  • To offer sweet Gem berries to the Statue.
  • Right Click on a statue or use the button to interact with it.
  • Select the sweet gem berry from the inventory.
  • A cut scene will play while offering it.
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It’s important to note that the only thing that can give to the Statue is the Sweet Gem Berry. This means that players must consider selling the berry for money or giving it to the Statue as a tribute.

Image of Old Master Cannoli Statue
Old Master Cannoli Statue

Rewards for Completing the Task

The challenge is to find rare seed from the traveling merchant and harvest it properly on time. Getting sweet gem berries takes work; once you get them, it is up to you where to use them. You will notice the following things when you offer it to the Statue in the secret woods.

  • A cutscene will play.
  • Statue’s eyes turn red.

Interacting with it again will reward you with a Stardrop. These Stardrop will increase your maximum energy level and health in Stardew valley. By focusing on completing tasks, players can enhance their character’s abilities, build a successful farm, and uncover new opportunities and features in the game.

 Image of Stardrop

Tips and Strategies

In this game, you need to follow all the d steps and processes because it maximizes winning more awards and other valuable things for you. Here are some tips and strategies you need to know about:

Use & Upgrades tools

It would help if you used the tools to save time and energy. It maximizes your yield at a minimum cost.

Use Explosive During Mining

Using explosives like Bombs, Mega Bombs, and Explosive Ammo will save you time and energy and increase your chances of getting gold. It also uses defense purposes as well as mining.

  • Decrease Zoom Distance & Turn Tool Hit Locations On
  • Pass Out in the Skull Cavern
  • Invest in the Right Crops
  • Watch Television Daily
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In conclusion, the Old Master Cannoli task in Stardew Valley can offer players a valuable opportunity to earn rewards, build relationships with NPCs, and progress in the game. Players find Statue from the secret woods and obtain the rare Sweet Gem Berry. Players can complete the task and get monetary rewards and experience points. During this period, players use different tools and equipment to complete the task effectively. Therefore, meeting the Old Master Cannoli task can enhance players’ experience in Stardew Valley.

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