Discover the Unique Stardew Rarecrows: A Guide to Eight Distinct Scarecrows

Hello, friends! In this article, we will discuss the Rarecrows, which are unique scarecrows in Stardew Valley. Rarecrows function the same as regular scarecrows, but they have distinct appearances. There are eight types of Rarecrows, none of which can be crafted. Below is a brief introduction of each, organized by their in-game number.

Rarecrow 1: The Dapper Scarecrow This Rarecrow wears a tailcoat and has a feather in its hat, giving it a prestigious appearance. It is reminiscent of a character from Hayao Miyazaki’s film “Howl’s Moving Castle.” You can obtain it at the Stardew Valley Fair on Fall 16 for 800 Star Tokens. The Star Tokens can also be used to win a Stardrop, another valuable item in the game.

Rarecrow 2: The Witch Scarecrow This scarecrow resembles a witch and can be purchased from Pierre’s shop for 5,000 gold during the Spirit’s Eve festival on Fall 27. Don’t forget to buy the Jack-o’-Lantern recipe as well. In real life, Halloween features similar decorations and costumes, such as witches, vampires, werewolves, and skeletons.

Rarecrow 3: The Alien Scarecrow This Rarecrow takes the form of a classic alien. It can be obtained in Mr. Qi’s Casino for 10,000 Qi Coins. This alien’s appearance is similar to Mr. Qi, suggesting that he might be an extraterrestrial. This is the only Rarecrow that can wear hats, making it a useful display for your hat collection.

Rarecrow 4: The Snowman Scarecrow During Fall and Winter, you have a 40% chance of finding this Rarecrow at the Traveling Cart for 4,000 gold. The Snowman Rarecrow can also be purchased during the Festival of Ice for 5,000 gold. In real life, snowmen often wear scarves and hats of various colors.

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Rarecrow 5: The Farmgirl Scarecrow Available for purchase at Pierre’s shop during the Flower Dance festival on Spring 24 for 2,500 gold, this Rarecrow resembles a blonde farm girl wearing work clothes and white gloves. Its wide eyes and broad shoulders give it a unique appearance.

Rarecrow 6: The Dwarf Scarecrow This Rarecrow, shaped like a dwarf, can be purchased from the Dwarf in the mines for 2,500 gold. To buy it, you must understand Dwarvish. Its appearance is similar to both the Dwarf in the mines and the one in the Volcano, although there are slight differences in their clothing and helmets.

Rarecrow 7: The Raccoon Scarecrow This adorable gray raccoon Rarecrow is a reward for donating 20 artifacts to the Museum. After unlocking it at the Museum, you can purchase more at the Night Market for 5,000 gold. Raccoons are known for their scavenging and collecting habits, which might explain why this Rarecrow is unlocked through artifact donations.

Rarecrow 8: The Totem Scarecrow This yellow-faced scarecrow is awarded for donating 40 items to the Museum. It can also be purchased at the Night Market for 5,000 gold after unlocking. Its appearance may be inspired by Native American totem poles, which often feature various colorful faces.

After collecting all eight Rarecrows, there is a 90.5% chance you will receive a letter from the Scarecrow Association with a Deluxe Scarecrow recipe. If any of your Rarecrows are lost or destroyed during the collection process, you must reacquire them to receive the letter. The default scarecrow does not affect this process.

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The Deluxe Scarecrow The Deluxe Scarecrow’s materials consist of 50 wood, 1 iridium bar, and 40 fiber. Although not difficult to obtain, these materials make for a high-quality scarecrow. With an impressive range of 16 tiles in radius (12 tiles diagonally), it can cover 888 tiles – 3.58 times more than a regular scarecrow. About eight or nine Deluxe Scarecrows can cover an entire standard farm.

That’s all for our introduction to Rarecrows in Stardew Valley. If you have any thoughts on their appearances or possible inspirations, feel free to share in the comments section.

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