Discovering Secrets in Stardew Valley-2

Today, we’ll continue discussing the secrets hidden within the game of Stardew Valley by decrypting the Secret Notes.

Secret Note 10: Mysterious Messages

This note can only be found after reaching the 25th level of the Skull Cavern. Once you have it, bring it to the 100th level of the cavern to trigger a special event, which will permanently increase your health by 25 points.

Secret Note 11: A Mysterious Photo

This note features a photograph of Maru and Jas. If you know any more secrets about them, feel free to share them in the comments section.

Secret Note 12: Linus’s Dumpster Diving Tips

Linus shares his insights on which houses have the best trash to loot. However, if he’s already checked a trash can, there’s usually not much left for you.

Secret Note 13: A Giant Plush

Visit the playground at noon on the 28th of any season and interact with the bushes on the right to receive a Giant Plush.

Secret Note 14: A Hidden Statue

Head to the back of the Community Center and dig on the right side to find a Junimo Statue.

Secret Note 15: The Mermaid Show

During the Night Market, visit the boat on the right and watch the Mermaid Show. Afterward, interact with the seashells in the order 1-5-4-2-3 to receive a Pearl.

Secret Note 16: A Buried Treasure

Use your hoe to dig at the spot marked with an X in the picture to find a treasure chest.

Secret Note 17: Another Strange Doll

Just like the previous note, dig near the supermarket to unearth another Strange Doll.

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Secret Note 18: A Desert Discovery

This third treasure map leads to yet another Strange Doll, hidden next to a chair in the desert.

Secret Note 19: Mayor Lewis’s Golden Statue

Follow the arrows on the map, starting from Sam’s house, to find Mayor Lewis’s hidden golden statue in his backyard.

Secret Note 20: A Lucky Charm

Play the treasure hunt game once more, following the marked path to find a Lucky Rabbit’s Foot, which will permanently increase your luck.

Secret Note 21: A Mysterious Encounter

Visit the location shown in the picture at 12:40 PM and interact with the bushes to discover a secret.

Secret Note 22: The Dark Tunnel

This note is related to the Casino quest, which you can complete without discovering it beforehand.

Secret Note 23: Bear Knowledge

Bring Maple Syrup to the Secret Woods and meet the bear, who will share its wisdom with you. This knowledge will triple the sell price of Blackberries and Salmonberries.

Secret Note 24: Changing Junimo Hut Colors

This note explains how to change the color of your Junimos by placing gems of different colors inside the Junimo Hut. If you place a Prismatic Shard, the Junimos will turn rainbow-colored.

Secret Note 25: A Lost Necklace

Abigail lost her mother’s necklace near the bathhouse. Fish it out from the pond outside and return it to Caroline for 50 friendship points or to Abigail for 100 points.

That concludes our discussion on the secrets of Stardew Valley. See you next time!

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