Discovering the Rare Blue Discus Fish in Stardew Valley

The Blue Discus Fish and Where it Can be Found

Tucked away in the serene pockets of freshwater on Ginger Island, the Blue Discus is a captivating catch available throughout the seasons. Anglers have often found success near the river just left of the farm, especially during rain’s tranquil moments. Other hotspots include areas around the Dig Site/cave and a quaint pond left of the farm. With a year-round presence, it’s a must-have for any serious fisher in Stardew Valley.

Blue Discus Fish Location
Blue Discus Fish Location

The Value of a Blue Discus

The Blue Discus is not just a pretty face in your inventory. Its importance in the trading world of Stardew Valley is undeniable. The Island Trader, recognizing its value, offers an Oceanic Rug every Saturday in exchange for just three of these majestic fish. But its versatility doesn’t end at trading. Craft enthusiasts utilize its unique shade in the spool of the Sewing Machine to conjure a dyeable Sailor Shirt. The rich blue hue of the Discus is also perfect for the dye pots at Emily and Haley’s abode at 2 Willow Lane.

The Blue Discus in Fish Ponds

A fish pond filled with the shimmering Blue Discus is a sight to behold. Starting with an initial capacity of three, these fish will reproduce every three days. But the real magic begins once you expand the pond’s capacity to ten through dedicated quests. As the population grows beyond four, expect the Fish Pond to yield more than the signature blue Discus Roe. Rare items might just make an appearance, adding to the intrigue of breeding this particular fish.

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Quest Related to the Blue Discus

The journey to maximize the potential of your Blue Discus extends beyond fishing. For those dedicated enough, two special quests await, guiding players to increase their Fish Pond’s capacity from three to ten. These tasks not only enhance the pond’s aesthetics but also its profitability. The promise of rarer items beyond the Blue Discus Roe starts becoming a reality from a population of four onwards.

Profitability of the Blue Discus

For the savvy Stardew Valley resident, the Blue Discus is a goldmine. Beyond its trading capability for the Oceanic Rug, selling it at the Stardrop Saloon promises a handsome 300g. But there’s more – for those with a minimum friendship level of 3+ with Linus, gifting him a Blue Discus through mail might just strengthen that bond. Moreover, with the potential yields from a thriving Fish Pond, its economic impact in the Stardew community is undeniable.

Blue Discus Fish ID Insights

In the intricate coding realm of Stardew Valley, every item has a unique identifier, ensuring seamless gameplay interactions. The Blue Discus is no exception. Bearing the item ID 838, this detail is invaluable for players who venture into game modifications or those who enjoy delving deep into the game’s mechanics.

Spawning Blue Discus by Naming a Chicken:

  1. Head to Marnie’s Ranch: This is located in the southeastern part of the map.
  2. Purchase a Chicken: If you already have a coop, you can buy a chicken from Marnie.
  3. Use the Name Entry Screen: When Marnie prompts you to name your new chicken, this is where the exploit comes in.
  4. Enter the Item ID in Brackets: For the Blue Discus, type in [838] as the chicken’s name.
  5. Complete the Purchase: Buy the chicken with the name you’ve just entered.
  6. Trigger the Exploit: Every time  if any character in-game mentions the chicken by name, you’ll receive a Blue Discus in your inventory.
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In conclusion, the Blue Discus is more than just another fish in Stardew Valley. It’s an emblem of the game’s intricate economic, social, and crafting systems. Its vibrant hue and versatile applications make it an indispensable asset for any player. Whether you’re fishing, trading, crafting, or breeding, the Blue Discus promises to add a splash of color and profitability to your Stardew adventures.

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