Discovering the Secrets of Stardew Valley: Secret Notes and More

Hello, friends! In this article, we’ll discuss the Secret Notes in Stardew Valley. Once you reach winter, you can trigger a scene with a shadowy figure by walking from your farm to the bus stop. I’m not sure if it’s Krobus, but after this scene, you’ll find a bush on the left side of the community. Interact with it, and the shadowy figure will give you a magnifying glass.

Obtaining Secret Notes

With the magnifying glass, you can now find Secret Notes when chopping trees, mining rocks, fishing, and more. If you want to find them quickly, you can try bombing in the mines. Each time you do, you might find a few Secret Notes. You can check your collection of Secret Notes, and there are a total of 25 of them. Let’s go through each one.

Secret Note 1

This is a page from Abigail’s diary about her favorite things. She likes the smell of carved pumpkins, placing an amethyst under her pillow, chocolate cake, the spicy taste of eel, and the comfort of her mother’s blackberry cobbler.

Secret Note 2

This is Sam’s holiday shopping list, detailing everyone’s favorites:

  • Sebastian: Frozen Tear, sashimi
  • Penny: Emerald, poppy
  • Vincent: Grape, cranberry candy
  • Mom: Crispy bass, pancakes
  • Dad: Risotto with fiddlehead ferns, roasted hazelnuts
  • Sam: Cactus fruit, maple syrup, pizza

Sam is thoughtful, remembering everyone’s favorites and buying them during the holidays.

Secret Note 3

This note is written by Leah. Her idea of a perfect dinner includes salad, goat cheese, truffles, and wine. For dessert, she would like a poppyseed muffin. If someone were to give her one of these, she would be very touched. It seems two people like poppies.

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Secret Note 4

This is Maru’s note. She needs some components for her great invention: gold bars, iridium bars, battery packs, diamonds, and strawberries. The strawberries are probably for her to eat, and not for the invention.

Secret Note 5

This note appears to be written by Penny. She wants to buy everyone’s favorite things:

  • Mom: Fairy rose, crystalarium, fairy stone, no beer
  • Jas: Fairy rose, raisin pudding
  • Vincent: Pink cake, grapes
  • Mr. Mullner: Fried mushrooms, leeks
  • Mrs. Mullner: Beets, tulips

Mr. and Mrs. Mullner are George and Evelyn. Penny is also very thoughtful, remembering everyone’s favorites.

Secret Note 6

Stardrop Saloon special orders:

  • Mayor Lewis: Autumn’s Bounty with double fiber bread
  • Marnie: Pumpkin pie with extra whipped cream
  • Demetrius: Bean hotpot, spicy (he likes sweets, right?)
  • Caroline: Fish tacos, triple sauce, extra napkins (probably written by Gus)

Secret Note 7

This note is a page from someone’s diary. It talks about the few eligible bachelors in town:

  • Harvey: Anxious and frail, but loyal and dedicated. He likes coffee and pickles.
  • Elliott: Over-the-top and affected, but has a nice chin. He likes crab cakes and pomegranates.
  • Shane: Scruffy and antisocial, but his rough exterior is a defense mechanism. He likes beer, pizza, and pepper poppers.

This note was probably written by Emily, who didn’t mention the blacksmith.

Secret Note 8

This note is addressed to Haley and Emily, wishing them well. Their parents sent them their favorite gifts: pink cake and sunflowers for Haley, and gemstones and wool for Emily. Their parents are truly wonderful.

Secret Note 9

This note contains Alex’s strength training meal plan. For the perfect breakfast, he enjoys salmon; for dinner, he has learned to love protein-rich foods. He can feel the power of the protein in his athletic performance.

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That’s all for this article on Secret Notes and favorite items in Stardew Valley. Stay tuned for more in our next article!

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