Duggies: The Underground Menace of Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley’s mining expeditions are home to many treasures and challenges, but none more unexpected than the bug-like creatures known as Duggies. These monsters have become a staple of the Mines and Volcano Dungeon, and they have intrigued and confounded players since their introduction. Here’s everything you need to know about the Duggies.

Duggies in Stardew Valley

What Are Duggies?

Duggies are a type of monster found in various locations in Stardew Valley. They’re characterized by their unique behavior of popping out from the ground, attacking the player, and then retreating back into the holes they made.

There are three distinct types of Duggies:

  1. Regular Duggies: Found on floors six to 29 of the Mines.
  2. Dangerous Duggies: Appear after activating the Shrine of Challenge or during the Danger in the Deep Quest.
  3. Magma Duggies: Located in the Volcano Dungeon.

All Duggies share the same behavior and attack patterns, sensing the player up to two tiles away. Their ability to sense and charge at the player at the same speed makes them a unique challenge.

How to Encounter and Defeat Duggies

Despite their varying appearances, all Duggies share a common strategy to defeat. Continuously moving before they can charge at you and blocking with a sword to negate their damage are key tactics to remember.

In the game’s 1.4 version, players have reported a decrease in the spawn rates of Duggies, making it slightly more challenging to find and defeat them.

Duggies and Their Drops

Defeating Duggies isn’t just for the thrill of the fight. Killing 30 Duggies of any type is required to complete the Adventurer’s Guild Monster Eradication Goal, and accomplishing this task rewards players with a valuable hard hat.

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Duggies may also drop valuable items, and farming them between floors 5–15 in the Mines has become a popular strategy. Be mindful that the spawn rates may vary across different versions of the game.

Duggies in Different Locations

Duggies are known to reside in various environments:

  • Mines: Regular and Dangerous Duggies are found here, providing a continuous challenge as players explore the depths.
  • Volcano Dungeon: Magma Duggies inhabit this fiery terrain, demanding a higher level of precaution.
  • Beach: Though mainly found in Mines, Duggies have become a notable presence in other landscapes as well.

The Impact of Duggies in Stardew Valley

The introduction of Duggies has added an exciting layer of complexity to Stardew Valley’s gameplay. Their unique attacking style and the challenge they present have made them an iconic enemy within the game.

Players seeking to complete the Monster Eradication Goals will need to adapt their strategies to effectively combat these foes. With the right approach and understanding of their behavior, Duggies can be a profitable source of rewards.


Stardew Valley’s Duggies are more than mere underground pests. They are a defining aspect of the game’s mining experience, adding depth and challenge. Their unpredictable nature, coupled with the rewards for defeating them, makes Duggies an integral part of the Stardew Valley universe.

As the game continues to evolve, players will undoubtedly discover new strategies and insights into these enigmatic creatures. Whether a seasoned adventurer or a newcomer to the Mines, understanding and mastering the Duggies will enhance your Stardew Valley experience. Happy hunting!

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