Egg-cellent Adventure: The Best Egg Hunt Route for Stardew Valley 2023

Spring has sprung and, in the picturesque world of Stardew Valley, that means one thing and one thing only: it’s time for the grandiose egg hunt(Spring Day 13)! Each year, vivid eggs are strewn across the town, daring players to scour and scavange as many as their baskets can hold. But with so many eggs scattered across the valley, where does one begin this culinary quest? Fear not, for we have crafted the ultimate egg hunt route, one that promises maximum egg acquisition in minimal time.

Our route is engineered for efficiency, optimized for speed and maneuverability, and calculated for success. Follow these 13 stopovers for the best possible egg hunt experience in Stardew Valley:

Take a look at this map of Stardew Valley, highlighting the 13 must-visit locations for the egg-cellent adventure:

 The Best Egg Hunt Route Map

Tips:Did you know that only 9 eggs are required to be collected to win this challenging event?

  1. Saloon Front: Start your egg hunt journey right at the front of the saloon. The first egg is waiting for you there.
  2. On the Path Between Saloon, Graveyard and Mayor’s House: Continue your journey on the path that connects the saloon, graveyard and mayor’s house. The second egg is hiding on this path.
  3. Front of Mayor’s House: Your next stop is the front of the mayor’s house. The third egg can be found here.
  4. By the River Below the Graveyard: Head down to the river below the graveyard. The fourth egg is waiting for you there.
  5. Graveyard Bottom: Go to the bottom of the graveyard to find the fifth egg.
  6. Graveyard Top: Go to the top of the graveyard to find the sixth egg.
  7. Adjacent to the Graveyard: Walk to the area adjacent to the graveyard to find the seventh egg.
  8. Between the Blue and Orange Houses: The eighth egg is waiting for you between the blue and orange houses.
  9. At the Southwest Riverbank of the Map: The ninth egg is located at the southwest riverbank of the map.
  10. Northwest of the Blue House: The tenth egg is located northwest of the blue house.
  11. Above the Fence of the Blue House: The eleventh egg is waiting for you above the fence of the blue house.
  12. On the Tree Edge to the Left of the Flower Bed: Your next stop is the tree edge to the left of the flower bed. The twelfth egg is hidden there.
  13. Above Top of the Flower Bed: Finally, the thirteenth and last egg can be found above top of the flower bed.
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With this route, your egg hunt will be an egg-cellent adventure, a thrilling journey filled with color, discovery, and culinary rewards. So grab your basket, set forth, and may the best egg hunter win! Happy hunting!

Stardew valley expanded egg hunt route map 2023(SVE)

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