Experience the Magic of Stardew Valley Night Market

Hello, friends! Stardew Valley is filled with various festivals, and one unique event is the Night Market. This event takes place annually during Winter, from the 15th to the 17th, lasting a total of three days. The Night Market opens each day at 5 PM.

Night Market
Night Market

Is the Night Market a Festival?

It’s unclear if the Night Market is considered a festival. First, it does not have a unique venue, as there are no entry restrictions, and time does not pause. Villager houses remain open, and the villagers attending the Night Market change every day, each attending only once. These aspects differ from other festivals in the game.

Submarine and Fishing

Starting from the left, the Night Market features a submarine. Once you go down, you can fish for three special types of fish: Blobfish, Spookfish, and Midnight Squid. You can also catch these using Magic Bait in the ocean. Additionally, you can find Sea Cucumber, Super Sea Cucumber, and Octopus. There is a small chance to find a Pearl, with a 41% chance to find Seaweed.

Desert Trader and Decorations

Outside the submarine, the Desert Trader provides free coffee each day. Above the trader, there is a vendor selling seasonal decorations, which change according to the season. These decorations can be used to enhance your farm’s appearance.

Willy’s Boat Ride

Near Willy’s entrance, you can pay 250 gold to be transported back home.

Clint’s Interest in the Mermaid Show

Clint attends the Night Market to watch the Mermaid Show, a less-than-honest pastime.

Traveling Cart

The Pig Cart sells items just like it usually does.

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Lupini’s Art Shop

At Lupini’s Art Shop, you can buy paintings. The selection changes daily, with three types available each year, cycling every three years for a total of nine different paintings. These paintings can only be purchased at the Night Market, so don’t miss out if you’re a collector.

Seed Vendor and Statues

The seed vendor’s ship on the right features two eyes. The first two items are statues, which change daily, with a total of six different statues available. Collectors might be interested in acquiring all of them. The third item is the Cone Hat, with prices varying each day: 5,000 gold on the first day, 2,500 gold on the second day, and 10,000 gold on the third day. The rest of the items are seasonal seeds, the same as those sold by Pierre. The first day offers Spring seeds, the second day offers Summer seeds, and the third day offers Fall seeds.

Iridium Fireplace and Seeds

In Winter, you can stock up on seeds, as well as Garlic, Red Cabbage, and Artichoke seeds, which are only available in the second year. There is also a fixed Iridium Fireplace available. If you have already collected the Rarecrow from the Museum, you can buy an identical one here.

Mermaid Boat

Lastly, don’t miss the beautiful Mermaid Show on the boat. After watching the show, click the shells in the sequence 1-5-4-2-3 to receive a Pearl. You can obtain this even without reading the Secret Note.

And that’s everything you need to know about the Night Market in Stardew Valley! Enjoy the event and make the most out of your time in the game!

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