Explore the Treasure Cave in Stardew Valley Extended: Tips, Loot & Comparisons

Stardew Valley Extended is a popular mod that expands the world of Stardew Valley with new locations, characters, and features. In this article, we’ll delve into the unique aspects of the Treasure Cave, comparing it to other well-known locations in the game. We’ll also provide you with essential tips and strategies for navigating the cave and maximizing your rewards. So, gear up and get ready for an exciting adventure in the mysterious Treasure Cave!

Comparison Of Treasure Cave Vs. Popular Locations In Stardew Valley

These are some significant distinctions between the Treasure Cave in Stardew Valley Extended and other well-known locations in the game:

Location Focus
The Mines Resource gathering and mining
The Skull Cavern Exploration and battle
The Secret Woods Foraging, fishing and woodcutting

Location Of Treasure Cave

At the southwest corner of the Crimson Badlands, a cliff wall opening leads to the Treasure Cave.

Note: In order to unlock the Crimson Badlands, you must first complete the following quests:

  • Mr. Qi’s Challenge
  • Meet Alesia and see her cutscene, which can only be triggered if you have played for at least 90 in-game days and have already seen the Adventurer’s Guild initiation cutscene
  • See Marlon’s Galaxy Sword cutscene

Upon arriving at the Crimson Badlands, you have to take extra precautions as the monster, Apophis, spawns nearby, and a number of powerful Corrupt Mummies protect the cave.

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The entrance to the Treasure Cave in Stardew Valley Extended
The entrance to the Treasure Cave in Stardew Valley Extended
The Crimson Badlands, the location of the Treasure Cave
The Crimson Badlands, the location of the Treasure Cave
A screenshot of Apophis and Corrupt Mummies in Stardew Valley Extended
Apophis and Corrupt Mummies in Stardew Valley Extended

Important tip: The Crimson Badlands are designed to challenge the players; therefore, you should carry plenty of food to heal.

When the player initially enters the cave filled with chests and a lot of gold, a cutscene plays during which a mystery voice is heard praising the player for being able to get there. The player can hoard all the gold; however, the chest will need a Prismatic Shard. The Galaxy Slingshot, which is typically unattainable, is given to the player if they return with a Prismatic Shard. Bringing back more Prismatic Shards will let the player receive an endless supply of slingshots. The player can use this feature to get their slingshot back if it becomes lost or destroyed.

A Prismatic Shard in Stardew Valley Extended
A Prismatic Shard in Stardew Valley Extended
A Galaxy Slingshot in Stardew Valley Extended
A Galaxy Slingshot in Stardew Valley Extended

Loot In The Treasure Cave

As much as this exploration offers a lot of new challenges, it also offers a lot of treasure and loot.
There are 8 treasure chests in this cave, and they could reappear up to 7 more times, ensuring a total of 64 possible chests. Altogether, the total value of these 64 chests, if sold, is 320,000 gold.

Events And Challenges In The Treasure Cave

The Treasure Cave presents a challenging environment that requires careful planning to navigate successfully. Here are some of the potential encounters and obstacles in and around the Treasure Cave:

  • Monster Encounters: Players will face various monsters on their way to the Treasure Cave. As they approach the cave, the difficulty of these monsters increases.
  • Treasure: The Treasure Cave filled with precious loot. The player will obtain valuable resources and unique items if they can overcome the difficult creatures guarding these areas.
  • Environmental Dangers: The Treasure Cave presents various environmental hazards. If players are not cautious, these dangers may cause harm or even death.

Additional Tips To Maximize Your Exploration And Loots In The Treasure Cave

Navigating the Treasure Cave in Stardew Valley Extended can be challenging, but with the right planning and strategy, you can succeed. Here are some tips to help you thrive:

  • Prepare Your Gear: Before entering the Treasure Cave, ensure you have suitable weapons, armor, and food. Consider bringing a Lava Katana or Galaxy Sword, Space Boots or Dark Boots, and a Gold Pickaxe or Iridium Pickaxe to help you overcome the challenges.
  • Bring Healing Items: Taking damage in the way to Treasure Cave is likely, so it’s crucial to pack healing supplies like Cheese, Pink Cake, or Energy Tonics to restore your health.
  • Fight Smart: Employ tactics to handle specific enemies, such as using knockback to keep Enemy at bay or timing your attacks to strike when Corrupt Mummies are vulnerable. Remember to avoid attacks and utilize buffs, like Warrior Rings or Life Elixirs, when necessary.
  • Be Prepared for Boss Battles: When facing challenging foes like Apophis, stay on the move to dodge its attacks, and strike when it’s vulnerable. Consider using a strong weapon like the Galaxy Sword and defensive gear like the Iridium Band to increase your chances of success.
  • Take Breaks: If you find yourself struggling, seek out a safe spot to retreat and recover your health. Keep an eye on your surroundings to ensure no monsters are following you, and use healing items to restore your health before re-engaging.

With patience, preparation, and a bit of luck, you’ll be able to conquer the Treasure Cave in Stardew Valley Extended. By following these tips, you can reap the rewards of the treasures hidden within the cave.

Other Relevant Mods

Here are some helpful mods to enhance your combat experience in Stardew Valley:

  • Combat Control: Fixed Mouse Click mod for Stardew Valley improves combat controls by making the character turn towards the general direction of the mouse-click. It also adds an auto-swing feature and slick moves.
  • Quality of Life Mods: There are several quality of life mods that can help you manage your inventory and equipment more effectively during combat. Examples include the CJB Item Spawner, which allows you to spawn items instantly, and the Better Sorting mod, which organizes your inventory for easier access during battles.
  • Health Bars: This mod adds visible health bars to monsters, making it easier to keep track of their remaining health and plan your attacks accordingly.
  • Wear More Rings: This mod allows players to configure the amount of ring slots in their inventory. By default, it adds 6 additional ring slots.

These mods can improve your combat experience in Stardew Valley, making battles more enjoyable and better suited to your preferences. Remember to check each mod’s compatibility with Stardew Valley Extended and other mods you may have installed to ensure a smooth gaming experience.


In conclusion, the Treasure Cave in Stardew Valley Extended is a thrilling addition that offers players new challenges and valuable loot. By preparing adequately and using the tips provided, players can successfully navigate the cave and enjoy the exciting content it has to offer.

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