Exploring Stardew Valley’s Hidden Gem: The Spa

The spa in Stardew Valley is a location that usually isn’t the focal point of the game but has its own charm. In this article, we’ll explore the details of this serene spot from its location and accessibility to what you can actually do once you’re there.

Location and Accessibility

The spa is located on the Railroad map, but it’s not accessible at the beginning of the game. Initially, the path leading to Robin’s house is blocked and you won’t find any road to the Railroad area. You’ll gain access to this secluded spot only after the earthquake on the third day of Summer. That’s the same day when Mayor Lewis loses his shorts, opening up a new pathway.

When you reach the area, you’ll see the spa on the left. Despite being a spa, the signboard reads “BATH,” which should give you a hint of what to expect.

The newly opened pathway to the railway and bathhouse
The newly opened pathway to the railway and bathhouse

The Entrance Pool

At the entrance, there’s a small pool where you can fish after discovering Secret Note #25. Doing so will yield a necklace, which belongs to Caroline—possibly lost by Abigail during a bath. Usually, you’ll only catch trash or junk in this pool. During winter, the pool freezes over, rendering fishing impossible.

Inside the Spa: Gender-Specific Zones

As you enter, you’ll notice the spa is divided into male and female changing rooms. Men are restricted to the male changing room and vice versa. Inside, there are various interactable elements.

The Men’s Changing Room

Alex’s locker is one of the key features here, adorned with pictures of bodybuilders rather than the expected pin-ups. The room has a somewhat rundown atmosphere, with cracks visible all around. There’s also a small gym where Alex comes to exercise during winter, although you can’t engage in any workouts yourself.

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the rundown interior of the men’s changing room.
the rundown interior of the men’s changing room.

The Women’s Changing Room

It’s also in a state of disrepair, but with a different set of amenities. For example, there’s graffiti on the wall and a range of feminine products, the purpose of which might puzzle some players.

The Main Pool Area

Going down the stairs leads to the main pool, where your attire automatically changes into a swimsuit. The design of the swimsuit matches the clothes you’re already wearing. The pool area is vast, big enough to accommodate all of the villagers, although only Alex and Linus frequent the area.

main pool area

Recuperation and Experience

The primary utility of the spa is to recover your energy. The rejuvenation rate is significantly faster compared to resting on a bed in multiplayer mode. You can restore over 500 energy in about an hour and a half, and if you’re a beginner, your energy will be full in under an hour.

What Could Be Improved

The spa could certainly be more interactive and functional. Its operating hours could be extended, or maybe it could offer some stat buffs. Inviting friends for a shared bath to improve relationships would also be a neat feature. Currently, it’s a large building with limited utility, which is quite a shame.

Some Oddities and Secrets

Here’s a quirky fact: if you try entering the changing room of the opposite sex, you’ll be warned three times. Ignoring these warnings allows you to proceed, satisfying your in-game curiosity without any character customization needed.

Final Thoughts

While not the most bustling spot in Stardew Valley, the spa has its unique quirks and features. Hopefully, future updates like 1.6 will bring more functionality and reasons to visit this peaceful locale.

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So what do you think the feminine products in the women’s changing room are for? Share your thoughts!

Note: Features discussed are based on Stardew Valley up to version 1.5. Future updates may bring changes.

And there you have it—an in-depth look into Stardew Valley’s often overlooked Spa. Feel free to explore and who knows, maybe you’ll find some more hidden gems within its walls.

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