Exploring The Benefits And Challenges Of Wilderness Farm In Stardew Valley

There are seven types of farms in Stardew Valley: Hill-top Farm, Forest Farm, Standard Farm, Riverland Farm, Beach Farm, Four Corners Farm and Wilderness Farm. Players are expected to choose one of these farms when they start the game, and once they have selected a farm they cannot change it. Therefore, it is important to know the features of each farm. The benefits of the wilderness farm, its unique perks and features, make it one of the popular choices among Stardew Valley gamers. If you want to focus on combat and the wild frontier, Wilderness Farm is for you. In this guide, you will know combat tips for the wilderness farm and more information about the Stardew Valley wilderness Farm.

A screenshot of the Wilderness Farm in Stardew Valley
The Wilderness Farm is one of the seven farms in Stardew Valley that offers unique perks and features.

Benefits of the Wilderness Farm

Wilderness Farm has lots of benefits which makes it a popular choice for players of this game. Some of the benefits include:

  • Increased monster spawning – Different monsters like Golems and those found in the mines will start to spawn randomly on your Wilderness Farm after sundown. This is not so in other farms, as monsters only spawn when you have completed specific quests. Monster spawning is beneficial to players as they get more loot and progress more in the Adventurer’s Guild.
  • Access to unique resources – There are different resources needed in Stardew Valley to have the best gaming experience. Wilderness Farm will spawn Wilderness Golems after dark, increasing your combat level and giving you access to resources such as a Living Hat, Coal, and Diamond.
  • More fish – There is a large pond on the Wilderness Farm that spawns lake fish occasionally. Normally, you will only find this type of fish in Mountain Lake. You have a 65 percent chance of obtaining trash and a 35 percent chance of getting a Lake Fish in the Wilderness Farm.
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A screenshot of the Wilderness Golem monster in Stardew Valley
The Wilderness Farm has an increased monster spawning feature, including the Wilderness Golem.
  • More challenging gameplay experience – Of course, fighting monsters is challenging yet fun. So, if you want a challenging gameplay experience, Wilderness Farm will offer you that. Just get your fighting tools ready and enjoy the fighting or combat experience.

Disadvantages of the Wilderness Farm

There are certain drawbacks associated with choosing Wilderness Farm. Some of the disadvantages of wilderness farm are:

  • More difficult start – Fighting monsters can be difficult if you are just starting. You need to learn combat skills to defeat the Wilderness Golems and other monsters. It will also be difficult to start life on the Wilderness Farm if you lack the knowledge of navigating the farm.
  • Fewer farming opportunities – The Wilderness Farm is mostly occupied with water and cliffs, meaning there is less available land for farming opportunities and building. However, it is still sufficient to plant some crops when you know the farming tips for wilderness Farm.
  • The fishing potential of the Wilderness Farm Map – Unlike other farms in Stardew Valley, the Wilderness Farm is one of the poorest if you want to go fishing. The percentage of getting an actual fish is 35 percent while you have 65 percent of pulling up trash.
A screenshot of the Lake Fish in Stardew Valley
The Wilderness Farm has a large pond that occasionally spawns Lake Fish, which is normally only found in Mountain Lake.

How to Use the Wilderness Farm Map

To use the Wilderness Farm Map, you need to know how to maximize combat and farming opportunities.

  • Combat Tips for Wilderness Farm – At the beginning of this game in the Wilderness Farm, you won’t have the equipment to defend yourself against monsters. So, the tip of combating in this farm is to get weapons and upgrade the weapons like Galaxy Blade. Then, always clear the path to identify monsters on time.
  • Farming Tips for Wilderness Farm – Your farmhouse in the Wilderness Farm is at the northeast corner. At this location is a straight line south that moves toward the end of the farm map. Also, there is a straight line west that moves towards an abandoned building. Start building a path from your farmhouse toward this abandoned building. You can upgrade this building to a greenhouse.
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A screenshot of the greenhouse in the Wilderness Farm in Stardew Valley
Farming in the Wilderness Farm requires maximizing available land, such as upgrading the abandoned building to a greenhouse.

From this abandoned house, erect another straight south path and start planting crops on these paths. This will make your life in Stardew Valley easier since there is less available land in the Wilderness Farm.

Comparison to Other Farms

The Wilderness Farm has some similarities and differences with other farms in Stardew Valley. These other farms are Standard Farm, Riverland Farm, Hill-Top Farm, Forest Farm, and Four Corners Farm. When compared to other farms like the Standard Farm which has the greatest space for farming, the Wilderness Farm offers less land for farming. However, the available land space is enough for you to plant certain crops. You will see more monsters in the Wilderness Farm than in other farms in Stardew Valley. When you kill these monsters, you will get access to many unique resources such as the Living Hat.

Final Thought

The Wilderness Farm is one of the seven farms in Stardew Valley. It has its features just like other farms. At the Wilderness Farm, you will encounter many monsters like the Wilderness Golems which when killed can drop a lot of valuable items. Some of the items are the Living Hat, Diamond, and Coal. As stated in this article, there are different benefits and disadvantages of the Wilderness Farm. However, you can still navigate this farm despite its drawbacks by maximizing the combat and farming tips explained above. So, choose Wilderness Farm and get started.

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