Exploring the Mysteries of Gold Star Slimes in Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley is a tranquil farming simulation game that can suddenly turn into a fierce battleground when you delve into its mysterious mines. One such monster that you’ll often encounter are slimes, and among them, the Gold Star Slimes hold a special reputation. This article aims to elaborate on everything you need to know about these peculiar slimes, their stats, and the precious loot they drop.

a Gold Star Slime in combat

What Makes Gold Star Slimes Unique?

Gold Star Slimes are no ordinary slimes. They have three times the HP and twice the attack power of a regular slime. Aside from dropping the standard loot you’d expect from regular slimes, these special slimes also drop an equipment item.

Location and Color Variants

The Gold Star Slimes’ habitat changes their color, attack power, and loot drops. Based on the level of the mine they appear in:

  • Levels 1–40: You’ll find Green Gold Star Slimes.
  • Levels 0–19: Drops include Carving Knives, Wooden Clubs, Sneakers, Rubber Boots, Small Glow Rings, and Small Magnet Rings.
  • Levels 20–39: Forest Swords and Wind Spurs are added to the loot table, replacing Carving Knives.

loot dropped in these levels
loot dropped in these levels
  • Levels 40–82: Encounter Blue and Black Gold Star Slimes.
  • Levels 40–59: Drops include Forest Swords, Iron Edges, Lead Rods, Wooden Mallets, Thermal Boots, Glow Rings, and Magnet Rings.
  • Levels 60–79: Shadow Daggers and Combat Boots replace Forest Swords and Iron Edges in the loot drops.
  • Levels 80–120: Find Red and Purple Gold Star Slimes.
  • Levels 80–99: Drops include Yeti Teeth, Burglar’s Shins, Lava Katana, Big Hammers, Dark Boots, and Monster Musk. Yeti Teeth have a double drop rate of 28%.
  • Levels 100–119: Steel Falchions, Claymores, Shadow Daggers, and Immunity Bands replace Yeti Teeth, Lava Katanas, and Big Hammers in the loot table.

Special Appearances

  • Yellow Gold Star Slimes: Can also appear before level 40 but are restricted from appearing on levels ending in 0–1–5–6.
  • Black Gold Star Slimes: Can only appear on levels where the number doesn’t end in 0–1–5–6, similar to yellow ones.

Quarry Mines

The Quarry also has its own variants of Copper and Iron Gold Star Slimes. If the Quarry generates a dungeon floor, these special slimes might appear too. Their loot is significantly different, matching that of barrels in Skull Cavern, including items like Burglar’s Shins, Steel Falchions, Lava Katanas, Big Hammers, Serpent Swords, Crystal Boots, Dark Boots, Monster Musk, Lucky Rings, Battery Packs, and Precious Lures.

Challenging Gold Star Qi Slimes in the Hard Mines

In the Hard Mines, you’ll meet the ultimate form of these slimes—the Gold Star Qi Slimes. They have an enriched loot table with a 14% chance to drop items like Iridium Needles, Iridium Rings, Fertilizers, Pressure Nozzles, Radioactive Bars, Qi Gems, or a random item from the Skull Cavern chest layer. Although the drop rate for Qi Needles is fairly high, for other items, you might find it more efficient to trade Qi Gems instead.

Gold Star Qi Slimes

Another unique item these Qi Slimes drop at a 2% rate is the Auto-Petter, a device every farmer aspires to have for their barn and coop animals.

Final Thoughts

Although some loot becomes less attractive as you acquire higher-level weapons like the Obsidian Edge or the Galaxy Sword, Gold Star Slimes remain fascinating targets for loot and thrill.

While chances and probabilities are at play, your experiences may vary. You might strike gold on your first try or have a string of unlucky encounters, but that’s part of the game’s charm and mystery.

With this comprehensive guide, you are now better equipped to take on these slimes, knowing fully well what rewards await you. May your pickaxe swing true, and may your loot be plenty!

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