Exploring Two Paths in Stardew Valley: Community Center vs. JojaMart

Part 1: Initiating the Community Center Path


  • A sunny day after spring 5
  • Time between 8:00 AM and 1:00 PM
  • Walk from the Bus Stop towards the town

Meeting these conditions triggers a cutscene where Mayor Lewis introduces you to the abandoned Community Center.

Activating the Community Path

After the introduction, you can enter the Community Center. Initially, you’ll find a Golden Scroll on the floor with incomprehensible text. The following day, you’ll receive a letter from the Wizard inviting you to his tower.

Meeting the Wizard

Visit the Wizard’s Tower, where he explains that the Junimos can assist you if you offer gifts to them. He gives you a taste of his special “green soup,” which enables you to decipher the Golden Scroll in the Community Center.

Collection Bundles

Upon your return, the Golden Scroll transforms into a series of bundles. You can now start contributing items to these bundles to activate various improvements around town. This path often becomes the player’s first choice due to its straightforward objectives.

A screenshot of the Pantry bundle in Stardew Valley
The Pantry bundle consists of six sub-bundles: Spring, Summer, Fall, Quality Crops, Animal, and Artisan.

Part 2: Initiating the JojaMart Path


  • Unlocked Community Center

After Mayor Lewis opens the Community Center, you have the option of initiating the JojaMart route by talking to Morris at JojaMart.

Becoming a Joja Member

To officially start this path, you must pay 5,000g to become a Joja member. However, a warning is displayed, stating that by joining JojaMart, the Community Center will become a warehouse, and you won’t be able to restore it.

Part 3: Completing the Community Center Path


  1. Initially, only the Crafts Room is available for bundle donations.
  2. After completing one bundle, the Pantry and Fish Tank get unlocked.
  3. Further progression unlocks other rooms like the Boiler Room, Bulletin Board, and the Vault.
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Each small bundle completed gives a reward. You can claim these rewards underneath each bundle list. If you complete all the bundles, you must wait until the next day to trigger a celebration cutscene and receive the “Stardew Hero Trophy,” marking the end of this path.

Image showing completing the bundles in Stardew Valley
Completing the Bundles in Stardew Valley

Part 4: Completing the JojaMart Path


  1. Find Morris in JojaMart.
  2. Purchase community upgrades one at a time.
  3. Wait for nighttime to see the completed upgrades.


  • Bus: 40,000g
  • Minecart: 15,000g
  • Bridge: 25,000g
  • Greenhouse: 35,000g
  • Panning: 20,000g

This path is generally easier and faster, as there are no specific sequences or seasonal restrictions.

repair the bridge via the JojaMart route

Part 5: Switching Paths

Switching from the Community Center to the JojaMart path is possible at any point before completing all the bundles. However, it’s a one-way road. Once you become a Joja member, the Community Center becomes a warehouse, and there’s no turning back.

Tips and Tricks

  1. Bundle Tracker: After initiating the Community Center path, open your inventory and click on the bundle icon at the top-right corner to track your progress.
  2. Item Identification: Hover over an item in your inventory to see if it’s needed for a bundle. If it is, the tree icon will flash.
  3. Bundle Completion: Only complete bundles provide rewards. Make sure to finish at least one bundle before starting another for maximum efficiency.

By understanding each path’s requirements, steps, and outcomes, players can make a more informed choice that aligns with their Stardew Valley goals.

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