Farm Computer Insights: 7 Key Features for Efficient Stardew Valley Farming


A Farm Computer placed near a small table in a cozy farmhouse.

What is a Farm Computer?

The Farm Computer is not just any craftable item in the game; it’s your one-stop source for real-time updates about your farm. From tracking crop status to gauging silo levels, this compact digital marvel can be an invaluable tool in achieving agricultural perfection—or a nice-to-have item that sits in the corner of your cabin.

How to Acquire a Farm Computer

To get your hands on a Farm Computer, the first step is to unlock a special quest board. It appears in front of the mayor’s house on the 2nd day of Fall. You’ll have the choice between two tasks given by Demetrius: Aquatic Overpopulation and Biome Balance. Aquatic Overpopulation is relatively difficult, requiring you to catch 10 specific fish. On the other hand, Biome Balance requires you to catch 20 fish from specified water bodies (river, ocean, or lake). I recommend choosing Biome Balance for an easier time.

Upon completing your task, Demetrius will reward you with the crafting recipe for the Farm Computer. To craft it, you’ll need a Dwarven Gadget, a Battery Pack, and 10 Refined Quartz.

Crafting recipe of Farm Computer showing required items

What Does the Farm Computer Display?

Here’s a breakdown of the 8 types of information the Farm Computer can show:

Pieces of Hay

Pieces of Hay represents the total quantity of hay stored in all the silos on your farm. This is vital for feeding your animals and ensuring their well-being. Knowing the exact amount of hay in storage can help you prepare for the winter months or periods when fresh grass isn’t available.

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Crop Metrics: Total Crops Planted, Crops Ready, and Unwatered Crops

These three metrics exclusively measure the status of crops on your primary farm plot. Any crops on Ginger Island or in flower pots are not included in these statistics.

  • Total Crops Planted: This counts all the crops you’ve planted on your main farm.
  • Crops Ready: Only the crops that are ready to be harvested are included here.
  • Unwatered Crops: The game keeps track of crops that haven’t been watered yet.

These metrics give you a snapshot of your farming tasks for the day, helping you prioritize actions like watering or harvesting.

Crops Ready In Greenhouse

Unlike the above crop metrics, this feature counts only the crops in the greenhouse that are ready to be harvested. It’s a specialized indicator that can help you manage your greenhouse effectively.

Open Tilled Soil

Tilled soil is the soil that you’ve hoed but haven’t planted anything in yet. This metric only counts the tilled soil on your main farm and ignores any such patches in the greenhouse. It helps you gauge the amount of potential planting space available.

Machines Ready

This metric is perhaps the most complicated to understand. It accounts for machines located within the main farm area, including barns and coops, but excludes those in basements, greenhouses, and caves. Machines that have completed a processing cycle and have products ready for collection are counted. For example:

  • Barrels with finished wine are counted.
  • Scarecrows and Crab Pots are not counted.
  • Mills, being buildings, are not included.
  • Auto-grabbers in barns and coops are counted.
  • Oddly enough, incubators in coops are also counted even if they’re in the hatching phase.
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Farm Cave Status

The final feature focuses on the status of the cave on your farm. If you chose the bat cave and fruits are available, it shows as ready. For the mushroom cave, it will show as ready when mushrooms are available for harvesting.

Screenshot showing Farm Computer interface.

Advantages of Using a Farm Computer

Why would you want a Farm Computer? It saves time. Instead of jogging across your farm to check each silo, or stepping into the greenhouse to see if your Starfruit is ready, just glance at the Farm Computer. Some players even use it as a guide to time the readiness of indoor kegs based on an outdoor keg’s status.

Caveats and Limitations

While the Farm Computer is handy, it does have limitations:

  • It won’t display data for Ginger Island, even if placed there.
  • It doesn’t count forage items unless on Forest or Beach farms.
  • Some machines like Auto-Grabbers are categorized in non-intuitive ways.

Tips on Maximizing Utility

  • Place the Farm Computer near your bed for a quick check each morning.
  • Don’t rely solely on the Farm Computer for Ginger Island; you’ll need to visit for accurate data.
  • Craft it early; the sooner you have it, the sooner you can integrate it into your daily routine.

Final Thoughts

The Farm Computer can be either essential or trivial depending on how you play the game. It’s not the ultimate game-changer, but it does make farm management easier, especially for players keen on maximizing efficiency. While not without its flaws, it’s a handy item worth the quest.

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Note: Information is based on gameplay and in-game testing as of the date of this article.

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