Find Shrub Seeds and Shrub berry of Stardew Valley Expanded

Have you tried playing Stardew Valley Expanded yet? Among the many mods that spice up the gameplay, the Expanded Mod is really worth playing. New characters, new world maps, and new quests are just some of the surprises you will find there. In this article, you will find out everything you need to know about shrubs, so without further ado, let’s begin with the guide.

How To Get Shrub Seeds

Shrubs can be grown from seeds found in the Secret Woods in Stardew Valley Expanded Mod and produce Salal Berries. They can be grown in any season and require pruning and fertilization during spring for healthy growth and beautiful blooms.

Crop Planting Season Days to Mature Harvest Frequency Extra Crop Chance Selling Price
Shrub Seed Crop Spring/Summer 14 Every 4 days 3% chance of 2–4 75g/93g (Silver)/112g (Gold)


To access Secret Woods, you first need to upgrade your axe to a steel axe. This upgrade takes a few days, after which you can pick up your upgraded axe.

Map showing the location of Secret Woods in Stardew Valley Expanded mod
Map showing the location of Secret Woods in Stardew Valley Expanded mod

At the entrance to Secret Woods, there is a big log that you have to chop down. And that’s it, you can freely enter the forest.

Entrance of Secret Woods in Stardew Valley Expanded mod
Entrance of Secret Woods in Stardew Valley Expanded mod

When you finally find yourself in the Secret Woods, it’s time to dig. Only by digging you can find shrub seeds that you will then plant on your farm.

Image of shrub seeds
Shrub seeds that can be found in the Secret Woods

Details about Shrubs Berry

Salal Berry grows from shrub seed and it takes 14 days to grow. It gives you +70 energy and +31 health. You can use Salal Berry in recipes such as Fresh Mixed Berry Pie, Jojo Berry Wine, and Salal Berry Jelly. Also, you can give it to Harvey, George, Evelyn, Demetrius and Andy, they will surely appreciate this gift.

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Item Salal Berry
Description A sweet berry filled with antioxidants
Usage Cooking
Price 75g
Love this Leah
Likes this Leah, Andy, Demetrius, Evelyn, George, Harvey
Recipes Mixed Berry Pie x4 (Bearberry ×6,Blackberry x6,Salal Berry ×6,Strawberry x6,Sugar,Wheat Flour), Salal Berry Wine, Salal Berry Jelly
Achievements Full Shipment, Gourmet Chef
Image of Salal Berries
Salal Berries that can be harvested from shrubs

Other New Crops

In addition to Salal Berry, in Stardew Valley Expanded there are 5 new crops that you can grow on your farm:

  • Joja Berry – If you chose support JojaMart and after that, you saw Moriss’ 10 heart events, then you can buy Joja Berry Starter for 6500g and you will find this crop there. When it is ripe for harvest (during the Spring, Summer, and Fall), you will see a red sign, and Joja Berry gives you +84 health and +188 energy.
  • Joja Veggie – This crop can be grown throughout the year, and you can buy it from Joja Veggie Starter, from Joja Emporium for 600g. Joja Veggie takes 13 days to ripen and gives you +224 health and +500 energy.
  • Slime Berry – Slime Berry is a spring crop that grows from Slime Seeds. It takes 13 days to be ripe for harvesting and takes -14 energy.
  • Ancient Fiber – You can obtain this summer crop from Ancient Fern Seeds and it takes 12 days to mature. This crop gives you +39 health and +88 energy.
  • Monster Fruit – Monster Fruit is a summer crop that comes from Stalk Seeds. Its ripening lasts a full 25 days and gives +95 health and +212 energy.
  • Monster Mushroom – This huge crop ripens in autumn, and it grows from Fungus Seeds. This process lasts 13 days, and the Monster Mushroom gives +84 health and +188 energy.
  • Void Root – Void Root grows from Void Seeds, and the ideal time for its harvesting is winter. It takes 8 days for this crop to grow and it also reduces energy by -88.
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Stardew Valley Expanded Mod offers a lot of exciting new content, and shrubs are just one of the many new features you can explore. To get shrub seeds, you need to upgrade your axe to a steel axe and venture into the Secret Woods. Once you find the seeds, you can grow them on your farm and harvest Salal Berries. Along with shrubs, there are several new crops that you can grow, each with its unique characteristics and benefits. So, get ready to explore the new world of Stardew Valley and discover all the amazing content that the Expanded Mod has to offer.

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