Ginger Island Cave Guide: Navigating the Volcano Dungeon and More

Exploring the Ginger Island Volcano Dungeon
Exploring the Ginger Island Volcano Dungeon

The Volcano Dungeon, located inside the volcano at the north end of Ginger Island, is a unique part of the game that challenges players to explore its ten floors. Unlike other dungeons, there are no instant-exit ladders here. Players must carefully navigate through dangerous monsters, collect treasures, and finally make their way out.

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Unique Features of the Volcano Dungeon

A screenshot of pouring water to enter the Volcano Dungeon in Stardew Valley
To enter the Volcano Dungeon, pour water in the preparation area of the volcano.

This dungeon sets itself apart with various unique features:

  • No Instant-Exit Ladders: Unlike other dungeons, you won’t find ladders for instant exits. You must find the doorway to proceed to the next floor.
  • Lava Rivers: Use a watering can to cross lava rivers and make pathways.
  • Mystic Stones and Nodes: Find Mystic Stones or other mining nodes for Cinder Shards, gems, or ores.

Monsters and Threats

A screenshot of a dragon bone in the Volcano Dungeon in Stardew Valley
Dragon bones in the Volcano Dungeon are the locations where we can collect dragon teeth.

Brace yourselves for these monsters:

  • Various unknown creatures lurk in the dungeon.
  • Floor nine often contains formidable enemies guarding a treasure chest.

Treasure and Rewards

A screenshot of common and rare treasure chests in the Volcano Dungeon in Stardew Valley
Treasure chests in the Volcano Dungeon are randomly generated, with common and rare types.

Discover different types of treasure chests, from common to rare. The ninth floor has a significantly higher chance of rare chests. You can also find Golden Coconuts and other precious loot.

How to Exit

Exiting the dungeon is not as straightforward as entering. You must retrace your path unless you have Warp Totems or a Return Scepter. Should you pass out, expect to wake up in the Island Farmhouse, lighter by 2,500g.

A character wearing the Deluxe Pirate Hat in Stardew Valley
The Deluxe Pirate Hat has a 0.1% chance of being found in a rare chest in the Volcano Dungeon.

Golden Walnuts

Mine or battle monsters to collect up to 17 Golden Walnuts. On the fifth floor, a dwarf offers a variety of items in exchange for these.

Dwarf Shop and Side Rooms

A screenshot of the Dwarf Shop in the Volcano Dungeon in Stardew Valley
The fifth level of the Volcano Dungeon is always a Dwarf Shop, offering equipment and recipes.

Here, a dwarf runs a small shop offering a variety of items. Also, side rooms can be accessed, like the forge room, after completing the dungeon.


The Volcano Dungeon offers a unique and challenging gameplay experience. With no instant-exit ladders, you must be prepared for a long adventure. Keep an eye out for Golden Walnuts, and remember, the dwarf shop on the fifth floor could be a lifesaver. Happy adventuring!

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