Growing Up: How to Get Your Very Own Trellis in Stardew Valley

Welcome to the charming world of Stardew Valley, where you can immerse yourself in a peaceful rural setting. You’ll encounter a plethora of farming tools and techniques as you embark on this journey as a farmer. Trellises are one of the essential structures for growing various crops in Stardew Valley. They’re wooden frames that support vertically growing crops to maximize the space and improve yields. But how do you build them? Which crops benefit most from their use? This article provides a comprehensive guide on maximizing your farm’s potential with trellis Stardew Valley.

A wooden trellis structure in Stardew Valley
Trellises are essential for growing vertically growing crops in Stardew Valley


How to Obtain Trellises in the Game

When planting beans, hops, or grapes in Stardew Valley, trellises will automatically appear. It’s important to note that trellises cannot be walked through like other crops, so it’s crucial to ensure that you can access them to water your plants.

Which Crops Can Grow on Trellises and the Benefits of Using them?

In Stardew Valley, individuals grow vertically growing crops on trellises. The trellis crops Stardew Valley include grapes, hoops, beans, and sweet peas. Growing these crops on trellises offers a great way to save farm space and maximize yields. By maximizing the space, you can grow many crops leading to a more efficient farm and higher profits.

Grapes growing on a wooden trellis in Stardew Valley
Grapes are one of the crops that can grow on trellises in Stardew Valley


Tips For Setting Up Optimal Trellis Layout For Different Crops

Setting up an optimal crop trellis layout helps maximize yields and save space in Stardew Valleys. You can consider the following tips for your Stardew Valley trellis layout:

  • Plan ahead by deciding the crops you want to grow and the number of trellises for each crop.
  • Consider the size of your crops, as different crops have varying growth patterns and sizes.
  • Use a grid pattern to maximize your space and provide each crop with enough room to grow.
  • Allow for crop rotation to enhance soil health.
  • Use trellises to create borders between the crops of farm sections.
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Common Mistakes to Avoid When Setting Up Trellises

When setting up trellises, there are various mistakes you need to avoid to save your farm space and maximize your yields. Below are the common mistakes to avoid:

  • Not leaving enough space between trellises
  • Using the wrong type of trellis
  • Not planning ahead
  • Placing trellises in the wrong location
  • Neglecting to maintain your trellises

Examples of Trellis Layouts and Designs Used by Other Players

In Stardew Valley, the trellis designs and layouts vary depending on the type of crops and players’ preferences. Below are the common examples of trellis designs and layouts used by other players:

    • Grid pattern – involves laying out a grid of tiles and having trellises at equal intervals along the grid. The arrangement creates an efficient and uniform trellis layout.
    • Spiral pattern – involves placing trellises spirally around a central point, enhancing the visual appearance and maximizing the space.
  • Mixed crop layout – it involves mixing different crops on the trellises to form a diverse and visually interesting layout.
  • Border layout – some players use trellises to create borders in different farm sections.
  • Tiered layout – it’s a greater layout for players with limited space. The tiered layout involves stacking trellises on each other to have a multi-level trellis design.


Trellis can be a valuable tool for maximizing your farm’s potential in Stardew Valley. You can use trellises to save space, create visually interesting layouts, and increase yields. Ensure you choose the right trellises for your crops, plan ahead and avoid common mistakes to get the best results. Whether you’re a seasoned player or a beginner using trellises can take your farming game to the next level.

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