how to change appearance in SVE(stardew valley expanded )

Stardew Valley is a farming simulation game that allows players to customize their character’s appearance. One way of doing this is through the Shrine of Illusions, a magical shrine located in Wizard’s Tower. This shrine can only be accessed after a player has reached a 4-heart level of friendship with the wizard Magnus.


Title Shrine of Illusions
Time Any
Map Wizard’s Tower
Season Any
Weather Any
Description Player has received Magnus’ letter about the Shrine of Illusions, after reaching 4 hearts with him.

Once this has been achieved, the character will receive a letter from Magnus informing them of an event in which the wizard will teach them how to use magic. After the event has been completed, the character will then be able to use the Shrine of Illusions to change their appearance.

the Shrine of Illusions

Using the Shrine of Illusions, players can customize their character’s hair, skin, eyes, accessories, and even their pets.

In addition to the Shrine of Illusions, players can also use other ways to customize their character’s appearance in Stardew Valley. This includes slaying monsters, tailoring clothes, and meeting certain NPCs.

It also allows players to change their outfits, through the inventory menu. To make clothing, players must use a loom to create cloth, and then use a sewing machine to sew the clothing. This allows players to create their own unique look.

You will need to gather some cloth in order to unlock the ability to modify your clothes. There are several options. The early method of obtaining fabric is to recycle newspapers in a recycling machine, which you may unlock after reaching level 4 fishing. To get clothing, players can also complete the field research bundle at the Community Center. The most popular way to obtain fabric is to use a loom to spin wool from rabbits or sheep, however, this requires a deluxe coop or deluxe farm and farming level 7. After you achieve at least one heart level with Emily, she may send you some cloth or wool. The desert trader will occasionally have fabric for sale, and morning starfish in the Caverns may occasionally drop cloth as well.

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You must leave the farmhouse between 6 a.m. and 11 a.m. to activate the cutscene that unlocks the sewing machine. You may input a bolt of cloth and an item to customize into the sewing machine to make one-of-a-kind clothes. The golden pumpkin hat, is one example. You may also use the dye pots to modify the color of your clothes. If you have a pair of boots with excellent stats but dislike the color, you may sew them together to transfer the stats to another pair of boots.

Through these different methods, players can create their own unique look and make their character stand out from the rest.

Overall, the Shrine of Illusions is a great way for players to customize their character’s appearance in Stardew Valley. The ability to create their own unique look and stand out from the rest gives players a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment. With the help of the wizard Magnus and the Shrine of Illusions, players can create their own unique look and become the Stardew Valley farmer they always wanted to be.

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