How to Change Clothes In Stardew Valley: A Beginner’s Guide

When you commence your adventures in Stardew Valley, you can create a character the way you want. Stardew Valley takes time and growing tired of having the same clothes, haircut, and look is inevitable. There are four kinds of clothing in this game. They are shoes, pants, hats, and shirts. If you are wondering or asking other players if you change these clothes to customize your appearance, the answer is yes. You can do all of these and we will help you in this article to know how to change clothes in Stardew Valley and do other customization.

Requirements for Changing Clothes

The major requirements for changing your clothes include:

  • Sewing machine
  • Clothes
  • Dye pots

With any of this equipment, you can craft and create customized apparel. To change your stardew valley clothes, you have to visit Emily and Hailey with your clothes. With the sewing in their house, you can make clothes. It is possible to obtain your sewing machine and this can be done when you complete the Story Board quest. With your sewing machine, you don’t need to go to anyone’s house again to sew. This saves you time in transferring the stats from one piece of cloth (hat, pants, or shirt) to another. After getting your clothes ready, get access to the Shrine of Illusions for changing your clothes after you might have gained friendship with the Wizard.

You can customize your outfit by dyeing your clothes with her dye pots after buying clothes and a shard for creating prismatic clothing. There are five types of prismatic clothing that you can produce and sell to Adventurer’s Guild or Oasis to save money for both clothes and tailoring.

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Finding and Obtaining Cloth

Before you can change or tailor clothes in Stardew Valley, you must first obtain them. You can find the cloth from different sources and locations in Stardew Valley. Some of the sources of Stardew valley change clothes are:

  • Loot from mummies which you can find in the Skull Cavern.
  • Gifts from Emily.
  • Recycling of Soggy Newspaper using a Recycling Machine.
  • Putting wool inside a loom.
  • Bought from the Desert Traders at Calico Desert.
Different types of clothes in Stardew Valley
There are four types of clothes in Stardew Valley: shoes, pants, hats, and shirts

Tips for finding and obtaining cloth in the game

The best source of funding or obtaining cloth in Stardew Valley is putting wool in a loom. The tips in getting cloth through this source start by getting some wool and a loom. You can get started by growing fur from your sheep and rabbit which is sheared for wool. After obtaining some wool from your animals you can now craft a loom that will turn the wool into cloth.

Another tip is to locate where Calico Desert in the valley and visit there to buy cloth from the desert traders. However, you need to have money to be able to do this. So, you can farm, fish, and sell some of your items to make money for buying clothes.

You can also visit the skull cavern with your weapons and fight and kill as many mummies as possible. First, pick up your weapons and head to the skill Carven.

Types of cloth and their uses

There are four types of clothes. These clothes are:

  • Hat – it has no other function of the hat in the game apart from making you look cool.
  • Shoe – it provides you with defense and immunity.
  • Pant – to make you look good and for protection.
  • Shirt – just like other cloth types, a shirt serves as a protective cover and gives you a good appearance.
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A sewing machine in Stardew Valley
The sewing machine is one of the requirements for changing clothes in Stardew Valley

Using the Sewing Machine

This is one of the ways you can change or customize your appearance. Through Stardew Valley tailoring, you can craft your clothes except for shoes. The function of the sewing machine in this game is to enable transferring of stats from one cloth to another. You will no longer have to wear what you don’t want or something ugly.

Steps in using the sewing machine

Just like every other piece of equipment in Stardew Valley, there are steps to follow to effectively use the sewing machine. The following steps should be followed in using the sewing machine:

  1. Place your cloth on the left side. You will see an empty square with the outline of the cloth, place your cloth there.
  2. After the first step, place an item above the power button on the right side. This is known as the spool – where the thread goes through. A clothing shape will appear on the right panel.
  3. For new cloth, a question mark will appear with the cloth outline. If on the other hand, you are not making new cloth, a picture of the cloth will be displayed. Turn the machine on by pressing the power button to give you the cloth.


The Wizard's Shrine in Stardew Valley
You can change your clothes at the Wizard’s Shrine after gaining friendship with the Wizard

Tips for customizing clothing and creating new outfits

As earlier explained, you can customize your clothes and create new outfits by making use of a tailoring machine. The tip on creating a new outfit is transferring stats from one cloth to another as earlier explained. You can also customize your cloth and turn them into something new by using the dye pot.

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Tips and Tricks for Customizing Player Appearance

To change the appearance of the player simply means customizing different options in the game such as hairstyles, shoes, hats, shirts, and pants. With these new items, you can change your appearance.

Final Thought

Nobody loves looking the same way over time. There is always a need for changing your appearance. In Stardew Valley, you can also change how you look. You can change your hair and clothes. As explained earlier, there are four major clothes you can change into. They are shoes, pants, shirts, and hats. To change these clothes, head over to the home of Emily and Hailey and use their sewing machine. You can get your sewing machine when you complete the Rock Rejuvenation quest.

Different sources of cloth in Stardew Valley
You can obtain cloth from various sources in Stardew Valley, such as mummies in the Skull Cavern or gifts from Emily

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