How to Expand Your Farm in Stardew Valley Expanded: Obtaining the Property Deed

Stardew Valley Expanded has become one of the most popular farming simulation games, offering players a fun and immersive experience. An essential part of Stardew Valley is expanding your farm to unlock new areas and gain access to increased production. You must obtain a property deed from the town’s mayor to expand your farm. This article provides a detailed guide on obtaining the property deed, expanding your farm, and maximizing production.

Obtaining the Property Deed:

Mayor Lewis character in-game
Mayor Lewis character in-game


To obtain the property deed for Stardew Valley Expanded, you must speak to Mayor Lewis. The procedure to buy property deeds is as follows:

  1. Wait for Mayor Lewis to visit your farm: After playing for over 268 in-game days, Mayor Lewis will pay a visit to your farm. He plans to visit the farm between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. on a sunny day.
  2. Trigger the event “Farm Expansion: Hoppin’ Fences”: During Mayor Lewis’s visit, the event “Farm Expansion: Hoppin’ Fences” will be activated. To trigger the next step in the event, you must choose to expand your farm. If you choose not to expand, you will not be able to access the property deed.
  3. Speak to Mayor Lewis: After triggering the event, speak to Mayor Lewis to learn more about the property deed. He will offer you about one acre of property adjacent to Grandpa’s Farm because you’ve done a lot of good work in the previous three years.
  4. Purchase the property deed: To purchase the property deed, you must visit the Mayor’s house or office. Look for a red book on the left wall, which is the ledger that contains all the property deeds. Once you locate the ledger, sign and pay for the property deed using the ledger.
  5. Deliver the property deed to Mayor Lewis: After obtaining the property deed, you must personally deliver it to Mayor Lewis. He’ll show up the next day and say the deed was granted, and the land will be cleared and ready the next day.
  6. Enjoy the extra space: Purchasing the property deed provides you with 400 extra tiles of room on Grandpa’s Farm. Use this space to cultivate crops, raise animals, and create the farm of your dreams.
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Red book ledger in-game
Red book ledger in-game


Tips for Saving Money and Preparing to Purchase the Property Deed:

Before purchasing your Stardew Valley property deed, saving money and Stardew Valley coins is essential. Here are tips to help you save up Stardew Valley currency and Stardew Valley coins before purchasing the property deed:

  • Fish for Stardew Valley coins. You can sell fish to earn coins which you can save to buy the property deed.
  • Complete the Community Center bundles. Completing the Stardew Valley Community Center bundles will reward you with Stardew Valley coins, which can be saved up for the property deed.
  • Sell extra items and resources. Stardew Valley players can sell their extra items and resources at Pierre’s shop or in Stardew Valley’s market to gain game coins.
  • Participate in Stardew Valley festivals. The festivals provide Stardew Valley currency, which can be saved up to purchase the property deed.
  • Complete quests. Stardew Valley quests reward currency, which can be used to save for buying deed.

Keep in mind that the price of the property deed is 250000 g, so it may take some time to save up enough coins to purchase it. By following these tips and consistently saving up your coins, you’ll be able to buy the property deed and expand your farm with 400 extra tiles of space.

Requirements for Purchasing Property Deed:

In Stardew Valley Expanded, players must meet a few requirements to purchase the property deed.

  • Play for at least 268 in-game days.
  • Triggers the event “Farm Expansion: Hoppin’ Fences”
  • Have enough money to purchase the property deed (250000 g).
  • Choose to expand your farm during the event.
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Once these requirements are met and the players have currency available, they can purchase the property deed from Lewis.

Expanding Your Farm:

In-game screenshot of expanded farm
In-game screenshot of expanded farm


Once players have obtained the property deed, they can expand their farm. Here are steps to expand the farm after obtaining the property deed;

  1. Start building structures such as barns, silos, and houses
  2. Place irrigation systems and Stardew Valley crops
  3. Upgrade buildings
  4. Build fences
  5. Place animals, trees, and decorations
  6. Create pathways
  7. Upgrade tools and equipment to optimize Stardew Valley farming

Tips for Optimizing your Farm Layout and Maximizing your Space:

Optimizing farm layout and maximizing space is essential for Stardew Valley players. The players who want to make the most of space and land should follow these tips:

  • Prioritize crops. The players should prioritize crops that yield higher Stardew Valley profits, such as melons and strawberries.
  • Utilize buildings and decorations. Players should use buildings and decorations to make land more visually appealing and space more efficient.
  • Plan ahead for events. Players should plan spaces for events such as the Fair, Flower Dance, Stardrop Saloon, and Stardust.
  • Prioritize resources. Players should select resources such as wood and stone to maximize Stardew Valley profits.
  • Use Stardew Valley farm layout templates. Players can use Stardew Valley farm layout templates to design farm layouts that maximize space and land.

Overview of the Benefits of Expanding the Farm:

Stardew Valley players who expand Stardew Valley farms can reap various benefits.

  • players can increase profit margins by growing crops for coins
  • players can craft items for coins
  • Valley players can unlock Stardrops and stardust
  • Stardew Valley players can increase Stardew Valley farm space to house game animals, buildings, and decorations
  • players can increase farming efficiency by upgrading tools and buildings
  • players can complete bundles and achievements
  • players can access quests and events
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What are common issues players may encounter when trying to expand their farm:

  • Check that the Grandpa’s Farm mod was successfully installed.
  • players may not have enough coins to expand farms

Strategies and Tips for Overcoming Stardew Valley Expansion Issues:

Stardew Valley players who want to overcome Stardew Valley expansion issues should follow these tips:

  • players can earn coins by selling crops and items
  • players can upgrade tools to increase efficiency
  • players can use Stardrops and Stardust to complete Saloon quests
  • players can make use of buildings and decorations to make farms visually appealing
  • players can take advantage of bundles and achievements to make coins
  • players can access quests and events to make Stardrops


Playing Stardew Valley can be an enriching gaming experience, and expanding your farm is one of the most exciting tasks you can undertake. You have the unique opportunity to design and decorate your piece of the game however you see fit. By being knowledgeable on the different available investment opportunities and obtaining the Property Deed as soon as possible, you’ll be well on your way to creating the perfect farm! Regardless of your route, you should be mindful of how much time and money you must dedicate to this endeavor. Once you get into the rhythm of farming and progress in building resources within the game’s economy, it becomes much more manageable.

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