How to Find Dwarf Scroll II in Stardew Valley

The Dwarf Scroll II is an artifact that may be discovered in Stardew Valley. It is located in The Mines. This scroll is the second of a total of four that the player can gather, and it has been written in the language that the dwarves speak.

Topic Information
Name of Artifact Dwarf Scroll II
Location The Mines, floors 1–40
Drop Rate Tilling soil: 0.1%; Defeating monsters: Frost Bats (0.5%), Blue Slimes (0.5%), Dust Sprites (0.5%) (on levels 40–79), and Ghosts (0.5%)
Appearance Yellow parchment scroll with green ribbon
Uses Sell to artifact shops for 1 gold; donate to Museum for Dwarvish Translation Guide; gift to villagers such as Penny or the dwarf; use in sewing machine to create dyeable shirt with gold trim; required for quest involving Ghostfish in player’s fish pond
Tips and Tricks Wear Burglar’s Ring for increased drop rate; eat lucky food for better fortune; obtain Slime Charmer Ring to make slimes docile; focus on level 25 of The Mines; increase favor with Dwarf by donating to Museum or giving him preferred items
Significance Contributes to player’s progress by granting access to Sewer area, trading with Dwarf, and increasing fish pond capacity


A yellow parchment scroll tied with a green ribbon
The Dwarf Scroll II is a valuable artifact that can be found in The Mines


Where to Find Dwarf Scroll II

The Dwarf Scroll II can be found by tilling soil on any floor between levels 1 and 40 of The Mines, with a low drop rate of 0.1%. It can also be obtained as a rare drop from defeating monsters such as Frost Bats(0.5%), Blue Slimes(0.5%), Dust Sprites(0.5%) (on levels 40–79), and Ghosts(0.5%). The Dwarf Scroll II is a yellow parchment scroll written in the language of the dwarves and tied with a green ribbon.

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Uses and Sell Price

Any shop that purchases artifacts will purchase the Dwarf Scroll II for the price of only one gold. Nevertheless, it is also one of the contribution incentives for the Dwarvish Translation Guide, which needs the player to give four Dwarf Scrolls to the Museum. In order to receive this reward, the player must first donate four Dwarf Scrolls to the Museum. After finishing this quest, the player will be able to talk to the dwarf in The Mines, and the dwarf will grant them the ability to understand dwarven speech in exchange for their cooperation.

A golden ring with a blue gemstone
Wearing the Burglar’s Ring increases the chance of dropping any item, including artifacts.


Tips and Tricks

There are a few tips and tricks in Stardew Valley that will boost your chances of discovering the Dwarf Scroll II item. Some of the most useful techniques are as follows:

  • Wear the Burglar’s Ring, which is a piece of jewelry unlocked at Adventurer’s Guild Level 9. The chance of dropping any item, including artifacts, is increased. By donning this ring while digging for the Dwarf Scroll II in The Mines, you will have a better chance of success.
  • Stardew Valley has a secret stat called “Luck” that determines how likely you are to stumble upon unique things. Pumpkin soup, spicy eel, and fortunate lunch are just a few examples of lucky foods that are known to improve one’s fortune. The Adventurer’s Guild and the Pelican Town bulletin board both feature opportunities for good fortune.
  • If you’ve reached level 10 in the Adventurer’s Guild, you’re eligible to get the Slime Charmer Ring. As a result, slimes become docile, which can make navigating The Mines and facing off against monsters much less of a hassle. Dwarf Scroll IIs have a chance of dropping from Frost Bats, Blue Slimes, Dust Sprites, and Ghosts, therefore killing these creatures can improve your chances of discovering the item.
  • A higher proportion of artifacts, such as the Dwarf Scroll II, can be found on Level 25 of The Mines, hence players should prioritize this level. Concentrate your efforts here to improve your chances of discovering the relic.
  • Raise your favor with the Dwarf, You may find this dwarf in The Mines. Donating antiques and minerals to the Museum or giving the Dwarf things he like, such Quartz or Amethyst, can strengthen your bond with him.
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An old book with a brown cover and golden letters
The Dwarvish Translation Guide is the reward for donating four Dwarf Scrolls to the Museum.


The significance of the artifact in the game and how it contributes to the player’s progress.

The Dwarf Scroll II is a powerful artifact in Stardew Valley that aids the player in multiple ways.

Offering the Dwarf Scroll II to the Museum in Pelican Town will net the player a Dwarvish Translation Guide. Use this guide to successfully trade with the Dwarf in The Mines for rare items and improved equipment. The Dwarf Scroll II is one of four scrolls that must be gathered in order to gain access to the Sewer, a brand-new area of the game that houses a slew of playable characters, resources, and other surprises. Collecting all four is a major achievement, as the other three scrolls can be obtained in the same way as the Dwarf Scroll II.

A small blue and white fish with a ghostly appearance
The Dwarf Scroll II is required for a quest involving the Ghostfish in the player’s fish pond.


In addition to its uses in the Museum and with the dwarf, the Dwarf Scroll II has other functions in Stardew Valley. It can be gifted to villagers such as Penny or the dwarf, but it is disliked by many others. The artifact can also be used at the sewing machine to create a dyeable shirt with a gold trim. Furthermore, the Dwarf Scroll II is required for a quest involving the Ghostfish in the player’s fish pond, which increases the pond’s capacity from 7 to 10 fish.


In conclusion, the Dwarf Scroll II is a valuable artifact in Stardew Valley that contributes to the player’s progress in many ways. Obtaining it requires some luck and perseverance, but following the tips and tricks mentioned above can increase the chances of finding it. The artifact’s various uses and functions make it a valuable addition to the player’s collection.

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