How To Get And Using The Living Hat In Stardew Valley

There are different rate items you can get in Stardew Valley. Some of these rare items are harder to obtain than others and they equally have different purposes. The living hat is one of the rare items in this video game. Although it has a 0.01 percentage to drop from rare enemies and wilderness golems that spawn all over the farm, it has its importance. With a living hat, no watering is needed as it absorbs moisture or water from your scalp. It is a purely cosmetic rare gift that gives you a custom character look. You will tend to look like Midsommar’s May Queen. Living Hat stardew can’t be sold so wear it with great pride since it is extremely rare. In this article, you will learn gaming tips on how to find and use the Living Hat in Stardew Valley. Let us get started.

How to Obtain the Living Hat

There are different places to look out for when you want to obtain the Living Hat in Stardew Valley. They include:

get a Living Hat
get a Living Hat


  • Cutting Weeds
A character cutting weeds in Stardew Valley with a scythe
Cutting weeds with a scythe is an effective way to find the Living Hat in Stardew Valley

Cutting weeds is one of the ways to obtain the Living Hat Weeds are seen in abundance in Stardew Valley. You can cut them down to look for the Living Hat. You can also use a scythe to clear the weeds faster. While this is an effective way to find the Living Hat, it may take some time as the probability of obtaining it from weeds is still low.


  • Wilderness Golems
    Image of a Wilderness Golem in Stardew Valley
    Wilderness Golems are one of the enemies that drop the Living Hat

    A Wilderness Golem is one of the monsters or enemies you will see on your farm. It is when they are killed that you can obtain the Living Hat. However, as earlier stated, the Living Hat is a rare item with only a 0.01% chance to drop from Wilderness Golems. So, out of 10000 wilderness golems you encounter, only one might drop the living hat for you. The 0.01% chance is deceptive and confusing and lowers your motivation. Using a 10:1 probability, weeds are in abundance. So, you don’t need to wait until the night period. Also, while there is a random appearance of Wilderness Golem, there is a static appearance of weeds in the overworld. Take advantage of the weeds in the overworld and reset the next day after you have emptied the overworld of weeds.

  • Mine
    Image of the Mines in Stardew Valley
    The Mines is one of the places where you can find the Living Hat

    While there are lots of weeds in the mines, it takes a lot of time to get to the Mines and find them. To grind for Living Hat fast, clear out all obstacles like debris and only allow weeds to grow there. When there are enough weeds at the Mines, you can now clear them to look for Living Hat. If you did not see it, redo it again after resetting the floor for the day.

How to Use the Living Hat

The Living Hat is just a cosmetic you can wear to change your appearance but not your image. After getting it either from clearing the weeds on the Mines or from the drop of the Wilderness Golem, you can wear it within the game to show how great you are to have an extremely rare item. The Living Hat does not have any special abilities apart from moisturizing your scalp without needing any water.

Comparing the Living Hat with other rare Items

As earlier stated, there are other rare items in Stardew Valley that we will discuss and compare with the Living Hat. These rare items include:

  1. The Prismatic Shard and Galaxy Sword
    Image of the Prismatic Shard and Galaxy Sword in Stardew Valley
    The Prismatic Shard and Galaxy Sword are other rare items in Stardew Valley

    The prismatic shard is a rare spherical and colorful mineral. It can be used in different ways such as taking it to the Calico Desert. To do this, you have to hop on the bus. The shard will consume and leave the Galaxy Sword while holding it in the middle of the three pillars. This sword can be used to fight enemies in the mines and skull cavern. While you can find the Living Hat in the mines from the wedding, you can use the galaxy sword in the mines. The probability of finding the galaxy sword is higher than the Living Hat.

  2. Dinosaur egg
    Image of a Dinosaur Egg in Stardew Valley
    The Dinosaur Egg is another rare item in Stardew Valley

    Eggs are common in Stardew Valley and you can find them daily when acquiring ducks and chickens. You can use it for cooking and can hatch it to produce more animals in the incubator or deluxe coop. However, the probability of finding the dinosaur egg is rare. You may be lucky to find it when you dig up an artifact spot, forage in the skull cavern, or fish in some areas. In comparison with the Living Hat, the drop rate probability for a dinosaur egg is very low irrespective of the location you find it.

  3. Magic rock candy
    Image of Magic Rock Candy in Stardew Valley
    Magic Rock Candy is another rare item in Stardew Valley

    You can find haunted skull enemies in the quarry mine of Stardew Valley. This enemy is extremely tough and difficult to defeat if you have not faced it before. If you can slay the enemy, there is a little probability of it dropping the magic rock candy. When you compare the method of obtaining the magic rock candy with the Living Hat, you will have to both fight against enemies and the chances of both dropping either the Living Hat or Magic Rock Candy is low. While the drop rate of the Living Hat from the Wilderness Golems is 0.01%, the drop rate of magic rock candy from haunted skulls is 0.13%. Magic rock candy offers you speed, luck, defense, and attack when you eat it.

Final Thought

All video games with adventures have what makes them unique. This is so with Stardew Valley. There are different rare items you can look for in this game that come with different functions. The Living Hat is one of the rarest items in the Stardew Valley game. It can only be found in the weed in your Mines and drops after killing the Wilderness Golem. Nevertheless, the probability of finding it is very low. So, always weed your mines in search of it while you kill as many Wilderness Golems as possible. While the Living Hat does not have any special ability, it does not only moisturize your scalp, but it also gives you pride within the game as an owner of a rare item. As a purely cosmetic item, the Living Hat rate item changes your appearance.

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