How To Get Community Cleanup In Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley, the enchanting farming simulation game, never ceases to offer new and engaging challenges to its players. One such quest that has intrigued many fans is the “Community Cleanup” quest. This timely challenge underscores the importance of environmental care and offers some unique rewards for your hard work. Below, we delve into the details of this quest, sharing insights, strategies, and tips to help you master the art of virtual cleaning.

Community Cleanup Quest
Community Cleanup Quest

An Introduction to “Community Cleanup”

Reaching Fall 2 in Year 1 unlocks this special quest, where you’re tasked with collecting 20 pieces of trash from the ponds, rivers, and beaches. The trash items include Driftwood, Broken CDs, Soggy Newspapers, Broken Glasses, and Trash (excluding Joja Cola). You can find this quest on the Special Orders Board at the Mayor’s Manor, but remember, you must complete it within seven days.

How to Start the Quest

Accessing the Special Orders Board in the Mayor’s Manor will help you begin this eco-friendly mission. It may take one to two weeks to see the quest on the board, so patience is key here.

Strategies for Completing the Quest

1. Fishing for Trash

  • The Beach Farm Pond: Yields a good amount of trash items.
  • The Mines: Lakes on Floors 20, 60, and 100 can be great spots for fishing trash.
  • Water Outside the Bathhouse near the Railroad: Also a popular spot.

2. Using Crab Pots

  • Passive Collection: Placing Crab Pots on the shores of lakes, ponds, or beaches is an efficient, passive method to collect trash. Just remember, the Mariner Profession lowers the chances of getting trash from Crab Pots.
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3. Embrace Bad Luck Days

  • Unlucky Fishing: Bad luck increases the chance of getting rubbish materials when fishing or using crab pots, which can be advantageous for this quest.

4. Rummaging through Garbage Cans in Pelican Town

  • Be mindful not to be seen by villagers except for Linus.

5. Tips for Quick Completion

  • Fishing in the pool by the spa door or on your farm’s pond.
  • Going to Level 100 of The Mines and fishing with bait.

Where to Deposit the Trash

The key step to finish the quest involves depositing the collected 20 pieces of trash at the Railroad. Players can go to the train platform and leave the items in the trash bin specifically designated for this quest.

Community Cleanup Quest
Community Cleanup Quest

Rewards for Your Efforts

Linus, the quest giver, offers more than just a pat on the back. You’ll receive:

  • 500g
  • The recipe for making Fiber Seeds
  • Friendship points with Linus
  • A delightful cutscene of Linus enjoying a bath in the lake.

A Lasting Impact

The “Community Cleanup” quest in Stardew Valley is not just another task on a long list of chores. It’s a gentle reminder of the importance of caring for our environment, even in a virtual world. With strategic fishing, the smart use of crab pots, and an eye for the right locations, players can quickly complete this quest and reap the rewards. But beyond the gold and recipes, the satisfaction of cleaning up the valley and witnessing Linus’s joy offers a virtual but valuable lesson in stewardship and community care. Whether you’re a seasoned player or just getting your boots muddy, don’t miss this chance to make a difference in Stardew Valley. Happy cleaning!

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