How to Get Past the Henchman in Stardew Valley: Your Quick Guide

Stardew Valley is a game known for its depth and complexity, where even the most seasoned farmers can find themselves puzzled. One such mystifying event involves the “Goblin Problem” and gaining access to the Witch’s Hut. But fret not, for we have broken down the questline and strategy to help you get through.

Quest Activation: The DarkTalisman

Upon reaching the railway area at the top of the map (accessible only after your first summer), a story sequence with the Wizard is triggered. He has found a path to his ex-wife’s residence—the Witch’s Hut—and he needs your help to navigate the complexities involved.

To get started, you must go to the sewer, which becomes accessible only after you’ve donated over 60 items to the Museum and received the Rusty Key as a reward. Speak to Krobus, the shadowy figure dwelling there. He will open a worm cave for you, filled with grubs that aren’t too challenging if you’ve reached the mid-game. Venture to the far end of this area to discover a chest containing a purple artifact—The DarkTalisman.

Tip: Make sure to equip your best weapons and healing items before venturing into the worm cave.

The Henchman and the Magic of Void Mayonnaise

After acquiring the DarkTalisman, head back to the railway area and activate the portal to the Witch’s Swamp. But there’s a catch—a Goblin Henchman blocks the entrance. You’ll need Void Mayonnaise to get past him. This rare condiment can either be bought from Krobus, randomly given by the Witch, or, as we will see, fished out from the swamp itself.

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Henchman blocking the Witch’s Hut
Henchman blocking the Witch’s Hut


Fishing for Void Mayonnaise

Interestingly, you can fish in the Witch’s Swamp. The very first item you’re likely to catch is Void Mayonnaise, which can be used to bribe the Goblin Henchman. By placing this mayonnaise in a nearby chest and fishing for another, you can effectively stock up on this rare commodity. The swamp also offers other items like Green Algae, White Algae, and Catfish depending on the season.

Fishing for Void Mayonnaise

Tip: Have a chest near the Henchman to store your Void Mayonnaise, allowing you to fish for more without going back and forth.

Accessing the Witch’s Hut and Subsequent Rewards

Once you get past the Henchman, you can explore the Witch’s Hut. Pick up the ink on the left side of the table and interact with the red rune circle to transport back to the Wizard’s tower. Now, not only can you visit the Witch’s Hut freely via the basement circle in the Wizard’s tower, but you also unlock the ability for the Wizard to construct special buildings for you.

What’s Next?

The importance of this questline isn’t merely in conquering it but also in the doors it opens for you. Players can now access new construction options through the Wizard’s book located at the top-left corner of his tower. So not only do you get to explore new areas, but your farm can also get some magical upgrades, making the Goblin Problem questline a must-do in your Stardew Valley journey.

Tip: Keep checking your journal for new quests that become available after this; they often involve utilizing the Witch’s Hut in some way.

So there you have it—a detailed guide on solving the Goblin Problem in Stardew Valley. With this guide, navigating the challenges of this quest should be a breeze. Happy farming!

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