how to get rusty key in (SVE) stardew valley expanded

Version 1.14.18:Increased the sewer key year 1 prerequisites (Marlon heart level 2 > 5) and it must now be raining. Year 2 prerequisites are unchanged.

In Stardew Valley Expanded, the process for obtaining the Rusty Key requires players to complete 3 steps in order to gain access to the sewers. Firstly, players must meet Krobus in winter and catch him in the bush next to the Community Center. Secondly, the player must reach the bottom of the mines. Finally, the player must have 2 hearts with Marlon in order to receive the key to the sewers from him.

Meet Krobus in winter:

You need to walk from the farm to the bus stop between 6 am and 4 pm in winter to trigger the animation. In the animation, you will see a shadow Guy (looking like a Krobus) get scared and run away.

When you follow the Shadow Guy’s footprints to the playground on the left side of the community center and shake the shrubs there, the Shadow Guy will suddenly appear and start apologizing for his theft, giving you a magnifying glass and then fleeing.

Reach the bottom of the mines:

To get to the bottom, you must collect ore and Bombs to break down floors and find new paths. There is a total of 120 levels in the mines and you must traverse through the levels to reach the bottom. The deeper you go, the more difficult it will be. You may need to craft better pickaxes and upgrade your weapons to survive the monsters you will encounter.

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Have 2 hearts with Marlon:

You can build up your friendship with Marlon by talking to him and giving him gifts. When you have 2 hearts with Marlon, and after completing his 2 heart events(Which happens in the Adventurer’s Guild), he will give you the key to the sewers.

5 hearts event

Players who don’t have Marlon on their list of relationships should visit the Adventurers Guild in town, as the requirements for unlocking Marlon have changed in a recent update. It is also possible to download the CJB Cheats Menu mod which allows players to spawn the key.

By completing these steps, players will be able to access the sewers and get the Rusty Key. This key is essential for progressing further in the game, so it is important that players are aware of the requirements and steps they must take in order to obtain it.

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