How to Get the Most Out of Your Stardew Valley Butterfly Hutch

The Butterfly Hutch is a highly aesthetic addition to your farm. It attracts a wide variety of butterflies to your farm, regardless of whether you place them indoors or outdoors. This article will give you an overview of the Butterfly Hutch as well as its customizable features.

Functionality of the Butterfly Hutch

The Butterfly Hutch is classified as a furniture item and can be placed either indoors or outdoors. While the item adds a very aesthetic new look inside your house, it cannot be interacted with otherwise. For this reason, its functionality is highly limited and it acts only as an item that improves your interior decoration.

Once you have placed the Butterfly Hutch inside your house, all you need to do is sleep for one night in-game. Once you have done so, you’ll wake up to the delightful sight of butterflies flying around your house. If you decide to place the butterfly hutch outside on your farm, you will see a lot of butterflies fluttering about regardless of the season.

A screenshot of the Butterfly Hutch inside a player's house in Stardew Valley
The Butterfly Hutch is a furniture item that can be placed indoors or outdoors.

How to Acquire the Butterfly Hutch

The Butterfly Hutch is an item that cannot be found in Pierre’s General Store, the JojaMart, or the Furniture Catalogue. Instead, this item can be found in the Desert Trader’s shop. The Desert Trader is a merchant who sells his wares in the midst of the Calico Desert. Interestingly, he does not accept gold as a form of payment, choosing instead to barter with you. The Butterfly Hutch is a permanent good available from the Desert Trader, and sets you back 200 Bat Wings. Bat Wings are monster loot that is dropped when players defeat any variant of Bats other than Iridium Bats. Bats can be found inside the Skull Cavern or The Mines. If, however, you feel that 200 Bat Wings are tough to collect, you can simply buy them from Krobus for 30g per Bat Wing on Sundays.

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Other Bugs in Stardew Valley

Monster Bugs

Generally, bugs are classified as monsters in Stardew Valley, and are found in the mines. There are a few different kinds of bugs that can be eradicated in the mines such as the Bug, the Armored Bug, and Spiders. Since these bugs are classified as monsters, you can only farm them for the items they drop such as Bug meat, Void Essence, and even some minerals like Coal.

Non-Monster Bugs

Some non-monster bugs in Stardew Valley include Bees and Fireflies. While fireflies cannot be interacted with, they add a wonderful ambience at night time. They appear to look like glowing circles and are found during the summer season outside. Bees on the other hand, can be farmed and produce items such as honey. All players need to do is place a bee house outdoors, and it will produce honey after 4 days in all seasons except for Winter. If you place a fully mature and unharvested flower within 5 tiles of the Bee House, it will begin to produce flower honey, which has a higher selling price than regular honey.

A screenshot of a Bee House in Stardew Valley
Bee Houses can be placed outdoors and produce honey after 4 days in all seasons except for Winter.

Can you Catch Bugs in Stardew Valley?

Unfortunately, Stardew Valley does not really have the in-game mechanics for players to catch bugs or interact with them. However, since the popularity of games like Animal Crossing have involved catching a variety of seasonal bugs, there are some fan-made mods created specifically to allow players to catch all sorts of bugs. This particular mod is termed Insect Valley and adds 30 unique seasonal insects that players can forage for, collect, or sell. Other than winter, each season has 10 different insects that players can catch.

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A screenshot of the Insect Valley mod in Stardew Valley
The Insect Valley mod adds 30 unique seasonal insects that players can forage for, collect, or sell.

Can you Attract more Butterflies by adding more Butterfly Hutches?

This question is one that has arisen time and again from players hoping to increase the number of Butterflies that the hutches spawn. While some players speculate that the Butterfly Hutch only acts as a “switch” to make butterflies show up in your space, others say that they have seen a definite increase in the number of Butterflies that have spawned with the increase of hutches. Still, others speculate that the hutches are programmed with a Random Number Generator (RNG) which determines how many butterflies will spawn on screen each day, meaning that there could technically be a chance to spawn more butterflies with the help of more Hutches.

Placement Issues

While the Butterfly Hutch can be placed indoors, adding a pop of color and liveliness inside your house, they were not initially designed to be placed inside the Greenhouse. However, since the 1.5 version update, Butterfly Hutches can be placed anywhere, be it indoors or outdoors.

Customization Options

There are several fan-made mods that have been created to increase how much you can interact with the Butterfly Hutches. This popular item can be modded to become a Craftable Item. This particular mod adds the Butterfly Hutch to the craftable list, where players can place the final product anywhere that craftables can be placed.

Tips and Tricks for Getting the Most Out of the Butterfly Hutch

Getting the most out of your Butterfly Hutch is a hot button issue for many Stardew Valley players, especially those who avidly discuss and suggest updates that allow you to catch and collect a variety of seasonal bugs.

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If you wish to maximize your spawn rate for the Butterfly Hutch, you can simply download this mod which lets you specify a range of butterflies that you wish for it to spawn. This mod can also help reduce the cost of the Hutch from the Desert Trader, so you can get your Butterfly Hutch at a cost-effective price!


While the Butterfly Hutch may not serve a lot of purpose in terms of functionality, it is a fan favorite item due to the vibrancy and life it adds to your game. If you would like to get the most out of your Butterfly Hutch, don’t hesitate to go through the mods mentioned in this article and make the most out of your purchase.

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