How to Increase Your Energy in Stardew Valley: The Ultimate Stardrop Guide

Hello, fellow Stardew Valley players! We’ve previously discussed methods for increasing your health limit. Now, let’s talk about how to increase your energy limit, also known as stamina.

The Power of Stardrops

Many of you might already know that collecting seven Stardrops will increase your energy limit. Starting with a maximum of 270 energy, each Stardrop increases it by 34 points, eventually reaching 508. You can also consume certain food and drinks to temporarily boost this limit, but it’s not necessary as you progress further in the game. Let’s discuss the Stardrops in the order they are collected.

The First Stardrop: Mines’ 100th Level Chest

This Stardrop is the easiest to obtain, found in the chest on the 100th level of the mines. Simply open the chest when you pass by. Consuming a Stardrop fully replenishes your energy, so it’s best to wait until your energy is low before eating it. When consumed, you’ll see a message reminding you of something you love, based on your favorite thing written at the start of the game.

The Second Stardrop: Purchased from Krobus for 20,000g

While you need to buy this Stardrop from Krobus, the key is actually completing the Museum Donate. Once you’ve donated 60 items, Gunther will visit you and give you the Sewer Key, which grants access to the sewers where Krobus is located. The timing of obtaining the second Stardrop largely depends on how quickly you can progress in the mines and use bombs to break rocks efficiently. The sooner you start using bombs in the mines, the earlier you can acquire the Stardrop. Relying solely on digging for worms (artifact spots) will require more time to accumulate the necessary items.

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The Third Stardrop: Stardew Valley Fair, 2,000 Star Tokens

Held on the 16th of Fall every year, the Stardew Valley Fair offers a chance to earn Star Tokens through various activities, including the Grange Display. Gambling is a particularly efficient way to accumulate Star Tokens. You can also buy Star Tokens if needed. Once you’ve collected enough tokens, exchange them for the Stardrop at the fair.

The Fourth Stardrop: Trade with Old Master Cannoli in the Secret Woods

During Spring and Summer, you can buy Rare Seeds from the Traveling Cart. These seeds have a high chance of appearing in the cart’s inventory, and can also be found during other seasons. Plant the Rare Seeds in Fall, and after 24 days, they’ll mature into Sweet Gem Berries. While these berries can’t be classified as vegetables or fruits and can’t be used for winemaking, you’ll need to ship one and trade the other with Old Master Cannoli in the Secret Woods for the Stardrop.

The Fifth Stardrop: Gift from Your Spouse with 12.5 Heart Relationship

The timing for receiving this Stardrop varies depending on when you get married. After marriage, your daily relationship points with your spouse will decrease by 20 points, so be mindful of that.

The Sixth Stardrop: Complete the Museum Collection

To obtain this Stardrop, you’ll need to donate all 95 artifacts and minerals to the Museum. The Museum’s display will have seven empty spaces when you’ve completed the collection. Remember, you need to actually donate the items to the Museum for them to count, not just light up the achievements. Once you’ve completed the collection, collect the Stardrop directly from the Museum.

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The Seventh Stardrop: Gift from Master Angler Willy

For this final Stardrop, you’ll need to catch specific fish on your own, as using cheats won’t work. Once you’ve caught all the required fish, Master Angler Willy will give you his family’s heirloom Stardrop to consume.

Conclusion: Completing the Stardrop Collection

That’s it! We’ve covered all seven Stardrops and their locations. By following this guide, you’ll be well on your way to maximizing your energy limit in Stardew Valley, allowing you to spend more time farming, mining, and enjoying the many other activities the game has to offer. Happy Stardrop hunting!

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