How to meet lance in SVE (stardew valley expanded)

In Stardew’s Expanded version 1.12 a new NPC named Lance appeared. He is a mysterious adventurer that made many players lose their minds over him. Many of them who encountered him after the 1.12 update immediately fell in love and planned to marry him, but that wasn’t until the late 1.14 update. Now Lance is one of the new marriage candidates. So if you are interested in him in general and want to befriend him or if you want to romance him, don’t worry because I got you, and today you will learn all of the valuable info regarding him.

Lance character portrait
Meet Lance, the adventurer and member of The First Slash Clan.

Who is Lance?

As I mentioned, Lance is an adventurer and a member of The First Slash Clan whose base is located on one of the Fern Islands, and they are sworn protectors of those lands.

Lance is a confident young man who sees the player as a famous adventurer, and because of that he is immediately friendly toward them.

He is one of the many new and unique NPCs that arrived with the expansion mod, and together with him, you will be able to travel to some new locations.

How to Find Lance

To be able to meet Lance, you first need to clear Ginger Island’s Volcano Dungeon and reach Volcano Caldera.

Lance character portrait
Meet Lance, the adventurer and member of The First Slash Clan.

However, If you have reached the top and installed the Stardew Valley Expanded without starting a new game, just head over there, and he’ll appear.

Lance Schedule

After meeting Lance his schedule will activate, and you’ll be able to find him in several different locations throughout the week. However, you will need to unlock Crimson Badlands to access Castle Village  and complete The Marlon’s boat quest to access the Highlands.

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Luckily his base schedule is quite simple, and it’s the same every day of the week through all seasons.

He spends Monday in the Castle Village Outpost.

6:00 AM – 2:00 AM Stands guard at the top of the Castle Village Outpost

On Tuesday, he hangs around Adventurer’s Guild.

6:00 AM Standing at the counter in the Adventurer’s Guild
12:00 PM Standing at the cliff near Adventurer’s Guild
5:00 PM Goes back to the counter
9:00 PM Goes outside of the Guild
11:00 PM Returns inside to spend the night there

He spends Wednesday around Adventurer’s Guild.

6:00 AM Again spends time at the counter in the Adveturer’s Guild.
9:00 AM Goes to the mines to guard the ladder as Marlon usually does.
12:00 PM Enjoys the view of the wild stream to the left of the Adventurers Guild.
3:00 PM Moves to the boat dock on the river.
7:30 PM Returns to the Adventurer’s Guild to stand next to the counter again.

On Thursday, Lance is “relaxing” on Ginger Island.

6:00 AM Lance guards the entrance to the Volcano Dungeon.
12:30 PM Moves to the cliff left of the Volcano where he takes to watch.
6:00 PM Goes back to the entrance to guard it again.

On Friday, Lance is once again on Ginger Island.

6:00 AM Guard the entrance to the Volcano Dungeon.
7:00 AM Moves to the cliff left of the Volcano where he takes to watch.
2: 00 PM Moves to watch the entrance.
8:00 PM Goes back to the entrance to guard it again.
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On Saturday, Lance is located in the Highlands.

6:00 AM Sits at the desk at the Highlands Outpost.
7:00 AM Moves to the opposite side of the desk.
11:00 AM Goes to the platform outside of the Highlands Outpost.
7:00 PM Stand outside the Outpost’s entrance
9:30 PM Goes into the Outpost

Lance also spends Sunday in the Highlands

6:00 AM Standing at the desk at the Otupost
7:00 AM Goes to take the watch at the platform
11:00 AM Stands at the stream southeast of the Outpost
3:00 PM Returns to the platform
5:20 PM Goes inside of the Outpost
8:30 PM Visits the stream again
11:40 PM Goes Back to his desk

Building Friendship With Lance

The good thing about Lance’s late appearance in the game is that you will probably find gifts for him more easily. Also, if you befriended many other NPCs, you can focus on Lance.

Lance likes the following gifts:

  • All Universal Loves
  • All Elixirs and Potions
  • All Monster Crops except monster mushroom
  • All Wrap Totems except Island
  • All Legendary Fish except Mutant Cap and Glacielfish
  • Bonefish
  • Butterfish
  • Dewdrop Berry
  • Dorado
  • Golden Ocean Flower
  • Ice Pip
  • Golden Fish
  • King Salmon
  • Kittyfish
  • Lava Eel
  • Lunaloo
  • Meteor Carp
  • Pearl
  • Puppyfish
  • Radioactive Bass
  • Razor Trout
  • Shiny Lunaloo
  • Stonefish
  • Undeadfish
  • Void Egg
  • Maple Syrup
  • Tiger Slime Egg
  • Prismatic Shard
  • Radioactive Ore
  • Treasure Chest
  • Dwarvish Helm
  • Dwarf Gadget
  • Dwarf Scrolls

Lance loves:

  • Aged Blue Moon WIe
  • Daggerfish
  • Galaxy Soul
  • Gemfish
  • Golden Pumpkin
  • Green Mushroom
  • Monster Mushroom
  • Swirl Stone
  • Torpedo Trout
  • Tropical Curry
  • Void Shard
  • Ornate Treasure Chest
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Lance Heart Events

Lance has a lot of heart events, each event for 2 hearts, so 7 in total (including the meeting). However, Marlon’s boat quest is essential for this. As you increase your friendship level with him, you will earn the following events:

  • 2 Hearts Event – Lance will arrive at the player’s farm and hang out both there and around Stardew Valley, and by the end of the day, he will leave a gift to the player.
  • 4 Hearts Event – The requirement for this one is the Enchanted Grove quest. Lance will appear before the player and will talk about magic relics. He hands the Farmer a magical staff and teleports them to a nearby cliff. Lance mentions a wrecked ship on the beach and wonders about Camilla’s plans for the Farmer’s magic talent. After returning to the beach, Lance leaves, saying they’ll both soon know what Camilla is up to.
  • 6 Hearts Event – It will trigger at Highlands outpost, and Lance will chat and hang out with you a little.
  • 8 Hearts Event – After the player completes the Monster Crop quest, Lance and his adventurer buddies will praise them.
  • 10 Hearts Event – It’s really for those who are romantically interested in Lance as Lance flirts with the player throughout their adventure.
  • 12 Hearts Event – The requirement is the return scepter. Lance will arrive at the player’s farm and show interest in the return scepter. After the player tells him that he got it from Krobus, Lance will meet with him, and they’ll become good friends. From then Lance will meet with Krobus every 10th and 24th day of each season.

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