How to Mill Rice in Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley, a farming simulator game, offers various crops, and one of those is rice. If you’ve been diligently cultivating rice paddies but now find yourself with an abundance of unmilled rice, you’re likely wondering, “What now?” Fortunately, this article breaks down the steps to process your unmilled rice into something far more useful—milled rice!


What is Unmilled Rice?

In the game, unmilled rice is the result of harvesting mature rice paddies. It takes around 6 to 8 days for rice seedlings to grow into harvestable crops. Once mature, you’ll need a scythe to harvest and obtain unmilled rice.

Uses of Unmilled Rice

  • Making Rice: One unmilled rice can produce one milled rice. Place the unmilled rice in the mill, and by the next day, you’ll find milled rice in the container to the right of the mill.
  • Selling: Unmilled rice sells for 45g each.
  • Healing: Consuming one unmilled rice restores 3 energy and 1 health.

How to Build a Mill

If you’re planning to mill your own rice, building a Mill on your farm is essential. To construct a Mill, you’ll need 2500g, 50 Stone, 150 Wood, and 4 Cloth for the construction. Once built, the Mill can infinitely produce Rice as long as you keep supplying it with Unmilled Rice.

build a Mill

How to Get Unmilled Rice

In Stardew Valley, you can plant rice seedlings around ponds; the water will automatically irrigate them if they are within three tiles of the pond. Also, the game offers three types of growth stimulants that can accelerate the growth rate. Among them, the top-tier growth stimulant is the most effective, reducing the growth time significantly for 150 gold coins.

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Processing Unmilled Rice

Place your unmilled rice into a mill to convert it into usable rice. The mill turns unmilled rice into milled rice at a 1:1 ratio. The resulting rice will appear in a container to the right of the mill by the next day. Remember, the mill can process an unlimited amount of rice in one day.

mill rice

Other Cooking Ingredients

Oil: Two main ways to acquire oil—buy from Pierre’s General Store for 200g or make it yourself using an oil maker. Crafting the oil maker requires Farming Level 8.

Vinegar: Unfortunately, as of the latest game version, you can only purchase vinegar from Pierre’s General Store for 200g. Vinegar is a popular ingredient and can be used to make various recipes to impress almost all NPCs.

Why Mill the Rice?

Having unmilled rice is not particularly useful. Once milled, however, it becomes a versatile cooking ingredient. You can use it to make foods like sashimi, rice pudding, and mango sticky rice, which not only serve as great gifts but also restore over 100 energy points.


Stardew Valley allows players to cultivate, harvest, and process a variety of crops, including rice. Plant your rice near a water source for automatic irrigation, use growth stimulants for quicker harvests, and don’t forget to mill your unmilled rice to make it useful. Whether you’re looking to cook, sell, or heal, knowing how to properly mill your rice will make your Stardew Valley experience that much better.

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