How To Paint Buildings In Stardew Valley: Tips, Tricks, And Customization Options

There are different farm building upgrades or renovations you can get in Stardew Valley. These farm upgrades will cost you but have lots of benefits. Through farm upgrades, you can create new opportunities to make more money. One of the farm building upgrades available on Stardew Valley is painting. Stardew valley paint buildings do not happen overnight. There are things involved in it. If you are looking for how to paint buildings in Stardew Valley, then this article is for you. Apart from painting buildings stardew valley, you will also know the types of farm buildings you can paint and the steps to follow.

Types of Buildings that can be Painted

There are different buildings in Stardew valley that you can recolor. The buildings you can paint or carry out stardew valley Customization options are:

  • Greenhouse
    • From the beginning, you will see the greenhouse in disrepair on your farm. You can upgrade it by completing the Community Center as well as painting it with your favorite color.

      A screenshot of the greenhouse in Stardew Valley
      The greenhouse is one of the farm buildings that can be painted and upgraded
  • Farmhouse
    • The Farmhouse is your permanent residence in this game. At the initial stage, it is made up of one single bed, an old TV, a floor mat of different designs, a fireplace, etc. You can buy the paint upgrade at the Carpenter’s shop and change and color the roof, trim and side with the color you want.

      A screenshot of the farmhouse in Stardew Valley
      The farmhouse is your permanent residence in the game and can be painted and upgraded
  • Barn – all barn variations
    • This is another purchasable farm building that you can paint and do other upgrades in Stardew Valley. Just like other buildings, you can buy it from Robin, the carpenter who uses three days to build it. In the barn, you can keep your pigs, sheep, cows, goats, and ostriches.

      A screenshot of the barn in Stardew Valley
      The barn is one of the purchasable farm buildings that can be painted and upgraded
  • Stable
    • This is another farm building that you can paint with any color of your choice. This farm building can be purchased at the Carpenters shop from Robin. When purchased, you can obtain a horse. You can name the horse the first time you ride on it.

      A screenshot of the coop in Stardew Valley
      The coop is another upgradable and purchasable farm building that can be painted
  • Coop – all coop variations
    • You can also paint this upgradable and purchasable farm building. It is sold at the Carpenter’s shop and takes Robin three days to build. The coop can house ducks, dinosaurs, chickens, and rabbits.

      A screenshot of the stable in Stardew Valley
      The stable is another farm building that can be painted and purchased from Robin’s carpentry shop

There are other farm buildings that you can paint such as the shed and all variations of the cabin. So, when you have decided on the farm building to paint and the color you want, visit the carpenter’s shop and meet Robin to get started.

How to Paint Buildings in Stardew Valley

When you visit the Carpenter’s shop and choose to build new farm buildings, you will see a small menu bar on the lower right. This menu includes a paintbrush button and the move buildings button. It is with the paintbrush that you can use to customize or paint your farm buildings.

The step-by-step guide for painting any of the aforementioned farm buildings includes:

  1. Select the farm building that you want to paint.
  2. From the top, you will see a display of the building’s elements you are painting. Make use of the arrows to shift between roof, trim, and main.
  3. For adjustment, make use of the color sliders.
  4. Click the save button. In doing this, the color will be added across the building.

Tips and tricks for achieving the best results

The tricks or tips for having the best paint result include:

  • Decide the farm building you want to paint.
  • Identify the color you want to use for it from the beginning. This will remove any form of confusion.
  • Adjust the color with the color slider so it can easily align or look neater and better.

Common mistakes to avoid

One common mistake you must avoid is indecision while at the Carpenter’s shop. You don’t need to start guessing or choosing any color at the shop. You need to decide from the beginning and also have money for the upgrade.

Tips for Improving the Appearance of Your Buildings

Apart from improving your farm building through painting, there are other upgrades you can make at the carpenter’s shop. It is equally important to know that every upgrade or renovation comes with separate costs. So, once you have the money you can improve the appearance of your farm buildings through upgrades. We will now look at some of the suggestions that can improve the appearance of your barn, stable, farmhouse, and other farm buildings.

Other upgrades that can be done to your farm buildings are:

  • Size
    • Every farm building like the barn and coop has a certain number of farm animals it can contain in the building. When you upgrade them, they can now house or contain more animals. For example, upgrading your barn to Big Barn means it can house eight animals, while the previous Barn only contains four animals. The Deluxe Barn which is a higher upgrade can contain 12 animals.
  • More Rooms
    • Apart from painting, upgrading your farmhouse will add a kitchen and separate your living room and bedroom. This improves the appearance of your farmhouse. Additional upgrades add a nursery and even a basement to your home. All these make your house better and more beautiful.

Final Thought

It is normal to get tired of seeing your farm buildings in the same state and color over some time. Developers of Stardew Valley have made it possible for you to customize your farm buildings to your taste. This can be done by upgrading or renovating your farm buildings at the Carpenter’s shop. One of the upgrades done at Robin’s shop is painting. You can paint most of your farm buildings with the color of your choice. Stardew valley paint Buildings include the stables, the barns, the farmhouse, the cabins, the greenhouse, and others. So, head over to Robin’s carpentry shop and get started.

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